Septillion Launch (Bunbury, WA)

10 August 2013 at The Prince Of Wales Hotel

Suffer and Rot:
Death metal boys debuting a new line up released utter anger and rot upon the unsuspecting crowd! Johnny 666 always delivers twisted lyrics! The guitar solo had the crowd stunned until the final breakdown had the pit in mosh mayhem!
The brutal stage presence is taken off the stage when the vocalist gets into the crowd and moshes with the punters! The energy from the other members is almost demolishing this joint!
Releasing the recent recording the guys have gone through a line up change with a new bass player and vocalist who bring a whole new dynamic adding to the already tight music produced by Adam and Ashley! This is a band to keep an eye on in future they will be breaking into Perth soon!
Advent Sorrow:
What can I say that I haven\’t said before? These guys are certainly one of my favorite bands out of Perth! They deliver amazing stage theatrics (when you can see them through the smoke) along with a heavy atmospheric yet primal sound that never fails to send the crowd into a frenzy of headbanging!

Line-up: Suffer and Rot, Animistic, Septillion, Advent Sorrow

Reviewer: Tammy