Soilwork Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

1 November 2019 at The Manning Bar

8:30 and after some trouble with the backline, the doors finally open to an already on stage Flaming Wrekage laying down some heavy jams for the crowd amassing in front of them. Playing through some of their tracks like Skeletons of Giants and Cataclysm to set the stage for the remainder of the evening.

The Manning Bar in Sydney is overflowing at this point. It’s been over two decades years since melodic death lords Soilwork released their first album and having just recently graced us with their eleventh venture ‘Verkligheten’. The band has been playing in support of their new album in every major city nearly every night and tonight was Sydney’s turn.

For now, Melbourne’s own Desecrator is about to show us why they are gaining so much momentum.

The band are welcomed to the stage and with an imaginary intro, blast through their first song To The Gallows that see the crowd swell onto the floor. We are treated to an onslaught of their catalogue and some fresh tracks like Manic and Summoning, having the crowd chanting along. The tongue in cheek Thrash is clearly well received as these boys leave us with their track Brain Scan.

As a blue light descends upon the gathered fans, Soilwork take the stage to a stirring reception.

Bjorn Strid walks on and the band hit straight into Arrival, pulling no punches and feeding off the energy Sydney has to offer, we are reminded how this band has stayed at the forefront of their genre for over 20 years. With blistering guitar solos, giant crowd moving melodies and crushing drum work, we are led through a mammoth collection of hits that show Soilwork as one of the top tier metal acts to see live. When they play their new single Feverish the audience sing along in sync and when it finishes, the band bid us farewell and exit the stage, only to have the crowd chanting and thirsting for more.

Bjorn leads the band back to stage for an encore performance of Stabbing The Drama and Stålfågel as the punters swoon and cheer before the Swedish Melodic Death dealers finish and will move on to the next show of their tour.



  1. Arrival
  2. Nerve
  3. The Wolves Are Back In Town
  4. Full Moon Shoals
  5. Like the Average Stalker
  6. The Living Infinite I
  7. Drowning With Silence
  8. Tongue
  9. The Nurturing Glance
  10. Bastard Chain
  11. The Ride Majestic
  12. Feverish
  13. Stabbing The Drama
  14. Stålfågel

Line-up: Soilwork, Desecrator, Flaming Wrekage

Reviewer: Will Hert
Photocredits: JAB Photography