Static-X Perth (Perth, WA)

27 August 2019 at Rock Rover

Standing in line waiting for doors of the freo footy club to swing open, felt like some sort of spooky high school reunion.

Like a belated flash back to the good old days, when gatherings of goth chicks and angry NU metal kids were the norm… It was like Jumping back in time, as we all prepared to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the release of “Wisconson death trip.”

After a Late start the crowd was eager to see Dope grace the stage. Everyone buzzing with anticipation, ready to kick off this star spangled evening of metal.

Opening with the title track Blood money a nice sleezy little offering from the bands 2016 release.

Reminding the crowd “Fuck Tomorrow” and it’s responabilities, with thier unique style of industrial Nu metal. There was definitly no sense of debonaire behaviour shown in the pit. (nor on the set list) Leaving the crowd nicley warmed up, after tasty little offerings like  Die MF die and I’m Back. Closing out the set with the bands very own version of You spin me Round (like a record) featured on the soundtrack for the movie American Psycho.


Roadrunners Spooktacular Goth HorrorPunk showmen, Wednesday13 wasted no time in showcasing their own brand of makeup clad sideshow metal. 

Hail Ming raining down blood and desruction on the audience. Showing No Mercy! With a live sound as large as the bearded ladys shaver Bill, this freakshow of subharmonic frequencies was here to ensure you “Get your grave on.”

Slithering hits such as Serpent Society from the bands 2015 release, Monsters of the Universe: Come out and plauge. Who knows what the Night Brings, When this fluro painted powerhouse hits the stage… One thing is Granted, in a pit like this Bad Things may indeed happen to you!


The moment we had all been waiting for had finally arrived.

The Question that sits on the tip of every fans tounge, was now about to be answered. How will Static X sound without the the dearly departed front man “Wayne Static” on vocals?

Well the answer is if you had closed your eyes, and didnt know any better you could easily pass it off to be Wayne himself. Whoever you are behind that mask…you are doing an great job,and the general vibe was XerO is a great candidate to pay the well deserved hommage to the late frontman. Pelting out Wiconsin Death Trip almost track for track, marking the albums 20yr anniversary in style. 

Nu metal classics like Push It, Bled for days, and love dump sending the crowd into a frenzy. The track Cold known by it’s appearance on the Movie soundtrack Queen of the Dammed, was dedicatied to wayne as we raise our glasses to pay respects.

Tony Campos bass was particulary notable,rumbling like an earthquake through the building bringing the brown note of death.Also well noted was the fact, the guitar work was as clean and faultless as the studio recording. I hope to see this band continue touring for years to come they never dissapoint live.


Line-up: Static-X, Wednesday 13, Dope

Reviewer: Mary-Jane Rogers