Steve Vai Live (Canberra, ACT)

14 July 2013 at Canberra

Ok, first up I have to be honest about the fact I haven't followed much of what Vai has been doing since the 'Alien Love Secrets'album so I didn't know what to expect… Would I know any of these songs? More importantly was it going to be just 2 hours or guitar wankery? Thankfully Vai is a performer as well as a guitar virtuoso, his showmanship and expression on stage really carried the show for anyone out there that isn't a guitar player, meaning that we also got a good show rather than just a show-off on guitar (which I felt really made the night). The guitar playing was of course spot on and the musicianship amazing, though we all knew it would be. Vai effortlessly blazed his way across the fretboard making us mere mortal guitar players feel useless in comparison. Some great moments of showmanship where the drummer came out in a neon mini kit for a couple of songs and Vai himself as what could only be described as an neon alien suit came out and dazzled us with his neon lights and fret gymnastics (which if you saw the suit, you'd be amazed he could play anything in it).

My pics for the night would have to be 'For the Love of God'and of course 'The Audience is Listening'(shown above in a sneaky mobile video) and the acoustic interlude where Vai sung over one of his own songs… duplicating the notes he played on guitar. Very tricky stuff indeed! Another cool moment was when he brought a couple of audience members on stage for a little crowd participation and a young boy of 5-6 years old named Saxon stole the show! Future superstar there!

Over all I enjoyed the show immensely as I witnessed one of the greatest players to ever walk the Earth put on a flawless and entertaining performance. Vai is a genuinely gifted and warm peformer who kept the audience spellbound for 2.5 hours.

Line-up: Steve Vai

Reviewer: Reggae Ofterror