Temtris Album Launch Tour (Adelaide, SA)

6 August 2016 at Enigma Bar

After having some really crappy weather in Adelaide tonight, it is somewhat of a relief. It’s Saturday night and there’s no rain… winning already. For me this night is a long time coming as tonight I will finally get to see Temtris play live.

I meet up with a mate and enjoy a few hard earned pints prior to the doors at the Enigma Bar open. Once inside I meet up with some of the Temtris crew, lead singer Genevieve, guitarist Fox and drummer Wayne B. Campbell. For those people who do not know Wayne, well, you need to do your homework. I’m not ashamed and get all fan boy and get the photos done and have a yarn.

Tonight’s line up is awesome because apart from Shadow Realm (which I’ll talk more about later), I haven’t seen any of the bands. Heading upstairs, Strigoacia (go ahead try to pronounce it properly) head onstage and have a bass heavy sound, with a  groove which kinda reminded me of early Coal Chamber… yes you brought the groove tonight, Alli! Her vocals have a haunting gothic style to them which compliment the music. Whilst guitarist Ben ripped out some heavy riffs. Completing the four piece is bassist Lisa and drummer Zipeto. Strigocia have a really impressive vibe going on. They are a relatively new to the Adelaide metal scene but defiantly one to keep an eye out for.

Bringing a touch of magic and mysticism, Shadow Realm are ready to begin. They provide an intricate mix of thrash metal and power metal. I have seen these guys play before and they do an amazing job entertaining us. Tonight is no different. Vocalist Torsha is crouching around in typical fashion, horns swaying around, the band is tight and crowd is lapping up everything they dish out. The element of keyboard adds a delicious flavour to the set. The only thing missing from their set is a few orcs running around and Mount Doom.

So far it has been a very enjoyable evening. Now comes the point of the night where we all come together, the reason why we are here tonight, (well at least for me) Temtris are here and ready to unleash a furious barrage of glorious metal, presenting their new album “Enter The Asylum”. Opening with the title track Temtris are hitting fever pitch stirring up the growing crowd into one heaving mass of head banging soldiers under command of Genevieve and the Temtris army. Fox and man-mountain Hoff’s twin guitar attack is like a sharply tuned machine gun slicing down all the lay in wake. Pummelling riff after riff and slicing through solos like a samurai with deadly intentions. Adam Wotherspoon has his bass sound sounding sweet rumbling the rafters and the inner souls of us all. Temtris are ripping through songs from the new album and off previous albums including Awakening, The Summoning, Slave to the System and many more. Australian metal champion Wayne B. Campbell is laying waste to the drum kit pounding it into submission time and time again, from my standpoint it was a brutal effort worthy of his reputation. Holding the men at bay is vocalist Genevieve. Her stage presence and delivery is impeccable, as she is classically trained and it definitely shines through. I double dare anyone to call her a operatic metal singer (I’d pay money to see that ass kicking, Krav style…boo-yah) Temtris are proving why they are an integral part of the Oz metal scene. I feel humbled to witness such a brilliant performance tonight… hail.

Taking up the rear guard tonight with a mighty aural assault are The One Within. They show the punters at the bar why they are left to play last on tonight’s bill, a melodic metal master class, with chunky riff and solid back line. Pulling it all together is another strong female vocalist.

Tonight’s gig was a brilliant night out but showing the females of the Australian metal scene have a place in the kicking ass stakes putting on a showcase of pure metal dominance.

Line-up: Temtris, The One Within, Shadow Realm, Strigoacia

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham