Textures live in Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)

23 November 2017 at Hafenklang

There are times when your favourite band decides to call it an off, it’s not an easy feeling to digest the fact that there won’t be around anymore. It’s a swing of a lot of emotions especially if it is a band which is close to your heart and also a band that you grew up listening to. One such band is Textures. One their final tour rightly called “Last Miles to the Moon: A Farewell to Textures”. There was a lot of excitement involved for me as I have been a fan of their music for years. The first time I saw them was back in 2013 when they headlined the Nh7 Weekender in Pune (India). This time it was in Hamburg, Germany on the 23rd of November 2017. The venue was called Hafenklang, which was a small gritty, old school grimy venue. Which meant it was a perfect place for a show like that. It was also a very special kind of a day for me, because it was also my birthday. It doesn’t get any cooler than watching one of your favourite experimental metal bands on your birthday.

There were two opening support acts which were scheduled to play before Textures hit the stage. One was this band from Athens called Mother of Millions and the other was Eindhoven progressive/experimental outfit called Extremities. Both of these bands played a really nice set. Their musical style was also pretty much resembling to that of the sound of Textures, which made me realise no wonder Textures choose them to go on the road with them. There weren’t really a lot of people who came for this show. I guess there would be around like say 50 or something people who came for the show. This was a little surprising for me. But nonetheless, I was sure that these people who managed to come were into this kind of music.

Somehow, I managed to check out Extremities. They were pretty cool. They had a nice vibe to their music and they also managed to get a good sound on stage. But, because it was Textures playing its final tour, my mind was more inclined towards that which I guess was obvious.

As soon as Textures hit the stage they started off with their established starting track “Surreal State of Enlightenment.” which was then quickly followed by “Regenesis”. I automatically realised that there are going to be quite some surprising tracks from the set list which were on the way. They laid out some new stuff as well which included songs from their last studio record called “Phenotype”. “New Horizons”,  “Shaping a Single Grain of Sand”, “Zman”. Then, there were the popular tracks played as well. “Awake”, “Laments of an Icarus”, “Storm Warning” (which was a surprise), “Old Days Born Anew”, “ Swandive”, “Messengers” to name a few.  They nearly played like 18 songs. They also played the lengthiest song ever on their discography which is the title track of the very first Textures album called “Polars”. They most played songs from mostly all of their albums. So, someday die-hard Textures fans were in for a treat. They were just over the top of the hook. Belting down songs in a fashionable sense without missing a note, which is just so typical of Textures. Their sound was top notch. Their stage presence was also very commendable. I was right in the front row. I’ve been friends with them on Facebook for quite some years; also they have a huge following back in India which also happened to be the place where they were finishing their tour.

They automatically realised I was from India and because of which the connection was even stronger. After they finished their set we hanged around with them. Had a few drinks and had some really nice conversations. I was fortunate enough to spend quality time with Reimko, Uri and Stef. As always they were so humble and down to earth. We spoke everything from their farewell tour, musical influences and I couldn’t stop being the fanboy and tell them how much they were important to me when the whole Experimental/Djent scene explosion was on the rise some years back. What else could one ask for as a birthday gift?  Also I was lucky enough to get their set list, their guitar picks and a t-shirt and some pictures.

It was one of the best memorable shows ever. An evening well spent with Textures.

Line-up: Textures, Extremities, Mothers of Millions

Reviewer: Shaurya Valmiki