The Amity Affliction (Sydney, NSW)

12 September 2019 at Hordern Pavilion

Unfortunately, by the time I worked my way through the Sydney traffic I had missed Pagan, which really sucked. I was truly looking forward to seeing them as they have been making waves and building serious hype in all the right places, next time, I guess. On the plus side, I was able to catch most of Crossfaith’s set. To those who don’t know Crossfaith are a Japanese outfit who blend heavy electronic influence and the energy of rave culture with hyper aggressive metal, one hell of a combination. Crossfaith are also heralded to bring an insane live show and they definitely brought their intense energy levels to the Hordern. With non-stop movement from the stage Crossfaith had the audience enthralled, their digital effects blending with the ‘analogue’ very effectively creating a thick and textured sound. Calling for a wall of death with two songs to go sounded a bit greedy but the crowd delivered instantly, everyone wanted to be involved so those not running were recording on their phones. It’s such a joy to see people go mental for music they love and jeez, did the crowd go mental for Crossfaith’s closer Leviathan,with the pit churning and tumbling for the band. Throw in a full-on rave party and Crossfaith put on a killer show.

Kicking off their set with recent single the absolutely cracking On My Teeth, Underoath had the Hordern in the palm of their hand almost instantly. Looking around you could see everyone having their own dance party, throwing social anxiety into the wind and allowing the music to make them move. Not to let us forget that Underoath can also bring the heavy Breathing in a New Mentality is ‘the heaviest song Underoath ever wrote’ and had people demolishing themselves in the pit upon and by request of vocalist Spencer Chamberlain. Underoath really delivered an emotional performance which captivated the crowd as many sang along. The performance was fantastic, with only one dropped microphone to witness. Now, I am always impressed by drummers who do back-up vocals, it’s insane to me, I’ll never know how they do it and Aaron Gillespie was a stand-out. With over half the audience seeing Underoath for the first time, they definitely made a great impression and some new fans. Even though they’ve been coming over since 2006, tonight really seemed to be a big moment for them, well done and great show.

The Amity Affliction are the definition of a polarising band, dividing opinions and usually on the receiving end of ridicule, but you can tell who everyone at the close to capacity Hordern had been waiting for. As the lights go down the cheers were deafening from the audience. Cranking out Drag the Lake and Ivy (Doomsday) The Amity Affliction threw everything they had at the audience, even bringing pyro to the stage and everyone loves that. It’s funny, for a band that truly cop shade from many people, there was nothing but love that night, with the band able to connect with every singe person in that crowd. Every song had a heroes welcome, with a drum solo revving up the crowd for the catchy Feels Like I’m Dying. Ending the set with an emotional rendition of stone cold classic and relatable All Fucked Up The Amity Affliction were the picture of a headlining band, owning the stage, while looking and sounding great.

Line-up: Amity Affliction, Underoath, Crossfaith, Pagan

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley