The Black Dahlia Murder Tour (Perth, WA)

21 September 2018 at The Hellhole

The Black Dahlia Murder returns to Perth to tear us a new one!

As a sea of black gathers in the street like a swarm of demonic flies, buzzing with anticipation eager to feast on the talented array of Death metal the night has to offer. The Hell Hole opens its gates and we march as one, like beelzebub’s personal army head first into the brutality.

Perths very own Technical Death metal act Xenobiotic opened the night like a swift kick to the throat with the track The Gift of Fire. Pelting the audience with tracks from their latest release Prometheus with a unique style of in ya face gutterals and full on teabag-the-floor-style breakdowns. The combination of melodic yet technical guitar work, thunderous bass, and a rhythm section that is “As tight as a nuns on sunday” left the crowd warmed up and ready for more!

East coast veterans Zeolite graced the stage next with their life and death themed onslaught of Deathcore riffage… Team that up with some very well rehearsed synchronised moshing, precision kick and snare work, and some impressive effortless spider-like movement on the fretboard from the bassist and you have one band not to be missed.

Showcasing their latest release Sermons mortis, the crowd interaction and professional stage presence shown by this well rounded Melbourne based festival pleaser was second to none.

The long 10yr wait for Aborted had now come to a close. As the Bushckooks take hold, and the room warmed up so did the mosh pit! Amused by the fact he could say “C U Next Tues” on stage without being arrested, vocalist and founding member Sven Caluwe did not hesitate to bring the goods! Leading an all up assault of the senses, on the eve of their latest release Terror Vision, kicking off their Australian tour with a bang.

The new song and title track Terror Vision sent onlookers into nothing short of a carnal, metal induced frenzy… Resulting in a circle pit that could make satan himself blush. Captivating red-faced crowd surfers with a well-rounded set of old and new, the Belgian bassed Death metal giants definitely did not disappoint.

Opening with the balls to the wall track Widowmaker from their 2017 release Nightbringers was proof they were indeed here tear Perth a new one… and they weren’t taking any prisoners! Vocalist Trevor Strnad springs to life immediately, darting back and forth across the stage like a flea on crack with his trademark high energy stage antics. Playing songs such as Matriarch and Jars early on in the set, it is needless to say the circle pit was in fine form. Some punters even joining them upon the stage while others decided to take more of an intimate approach. Taunting the masses into a state of metal induced madness is not a hard task, not when you have a guitar sound as big as these guys. Brandon Ellis definitely was kicking it up a notch with the leads in songs such as As Good as Dead leaving me thinking if this guy is seriously some distant cousin of “Skwisgar Swigelf” (Dethklok).

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse and Warborn were played out to perfection like a good punch in the guts, bringing out the raw side of the bands earlier releases. Ending the set with I aptly named I will return.

We do indeed hope you will return for another round of shoe flinging, junk touching, beer swilling Death metal fun!

Line-up: The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted,Zeolite, Xenobiotic

Reviewer: Mary-Jane Kinnison
Photocredits: Shadow-World Photography