The Butterfly Efffect Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

30 August 2019 at The Metro Theatre

These Four Walls were a charismatic rock n roll outfit and a great way to kick off the night. Loved the cover of Whole Lotta Love. Unfortunately, I was only able to catch a few songs from the band but will definitely look out for them in any upcoming shows.

Hammmers were an interesting package. With a southern American rock sound and an Aussie bogan attitude with a little splash of Rage Against the Machine thrown in, while it may not be my cup of tea, their performance was full of energy. Ribbing one of the members in the audience for looking like Santa in the off season, they quickly won over the capacity Sydney crowd. While they left me slightly wanting, their solid bass and guitar tone and energetic performance got the crowd rocking and ready for the main event.

The Metro is bursting at the seams for The Butterfly Effect tonight. The band are truly seeing a triumphant return, selling out the Metro in Sydney effortlessly. The crowd was seething with energy the special Butterfly Effect beer feeding their anticipation. As the lights went down the crowd’s roar went up as The Butterfly Effect launched into opener Filling Silence. Even from the beginning of their career Crave has been a banger, that special chorus reminding the crowd of how good Clint Boge, Ben Hall, Glenn Esmond and Kurt Goedhart really are. The Butterfly Effect have had a long career and even during the hiatus it’s obvious their music has continued to inspire with many different generations of people gathered at the show tonight.

The Butterfly Effect put everything they have into their live performance tonight, even the lighting took up half the stage, the effect was intense making the Metro feel like a stadium, which still wouldn’t have been big enough to house songs like Gone and A Slow Descent from Imago. The set was evenly distributed between the three albums as the crowd joined Clint with every word to every song. It really was an incredible show, the crowd made it very special the energy in the room was so positive and supportive, and you could tell the band felt that.

Blessed with a new track The Butterfly Effect tore into recent release, the incredible Unbroken, I have not been able to get the chorus out of my head such a great new track, and it even has a wholesome message of getting through hard times and depression by seeking help from loved ones and friends. The gentle, stripped back version of Beautiful Mine really set a mood in the Metro as the crowd hung on to every word as they built into a fantastic crescendo for the last chorus, love it. The main set wound out with some heavy hitters in One Second of Insanity and the monolithic Aisles of White once again had the crowd in full voice. A few selections from the truly under-appreciated album The Final Conversation of Kings ended a truly spectacular night. I am truly excited to see what they do next if the new track Unbroken is the type of song we’ll get. Bravo Boys.

Line-up: The Butterfly Effect, Hammers, These Four Walls

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley