The End of an Entity Australian Tour (Adelaide, SA)

7 May 2014 at Fowler’s Live
Mid week in the city of churches there is a deathly vibe filling the air, an event is about to take a strangle hold on the jugular and squeeze the life of it. What the hell am I speaking of, one may ask? The mighty Origin are in town and ready to destroy all in their wake.

There is a small crowd lining the front of the stage, opening the proceedings tonight is local Adelaide band Tzun Tzu who unleash a brutal set, adding another stripe to their international support list. The crowd were clearly enjoying what they saw.
I headed to the bar for another round while the change over happened which tonight was pleasantly quick. Up next was another Adelaide death metal band, In The Burial. I had been keen to see this band play for a while now and was not disappointed. It was a special night for the band as well with the debut performance from lead vocalist Mel, a ripping performance from this young woman taking the helm. I was impressed with the dual vocals and flawless sweep picking from their guitarist. Great set, had been a great night so far, I was ready for more…

Up next was a band whose album Prophecy has been on heavy rotation since I had first heard it. This was the set of the night I was most looking forward to apart from the headliners. They didn’t disappoint, they destroyed. Their bass player Jannico was an absolute genius, playing up the fret board like a maniac. Jake’s lead guitar and solos were precise with accuracy showing skill far beyond years. This night Fowlers was shown another treat with their guest vocalist, Lochlan Watt. Those who listen to Triple J’s the Racket will know him as the host. He did not let the band down, proving that he has the skills to do what was needed, which was fronting Eternal Rest, bringing out the best in them.

I did take note that a lot of the metal heads at the show tonight went out to the bar for a drink and didn’t return in numbers that the previous bands had to perform in front of. I’m not sure if that had to do with Origin coming up next but AMDBL or A Million Dead Birds Laughing slogged their guts out and I thought their music and performance left those who witnessed it satisfied with what they saw.

Another drink and straight up to the front of the stage. The bar was empty and the small crowd was ready for the main event of the night, Origin. Not much else needed to be said, the lights dimmed, the intro music started, the mayhem began.
As expected they removed all doubt that they were the quintessential professionals we all know them as. The brutal set, as expected, pummelled all in the room. If you thought you knew technical death metal, you were served up a lesson. The precision was on show for all to see. Lead singer Jason Keyser encouraged the 2 dozen who braved the front to form a mosh pit and to grab the arm of the closest person to them and drag them into the middle as well. Challenge accepted, arms flying, bumping into the next person, if someone fell to the ground a hand went out to pick them up. The set flew past as the night progressed and by the time I knew it the last song was finished. I was completely spent, having given up as much energy as Origin gave us.

Walking out of Fowlers Live I was completely satisfied with what I had witnessed. Another great night, and we have to thank all the bands that performed on tonight’s gig. And special thanks to Origin for coming down under once again.

Line-up: Origin, A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Eternal Rest, In The Burial, Tzun Tzu

Reviewer: Adrian 'Dren' Barham