The Origin Of Hate Tour 2014 (Adelaide, SA)

12 July 2014 at The Enigma Bar
The night started out as a typical winters night in the city of churches… wet and freezing cold, still a while before The Enigma Bar opened. So I went to the closest watering hole, The Rosemont Hotel, to warm a seat and grab a frothie. In the bar I met members of Harlott and Trigger, so we had a bit of yarn and a chance to catch up. Shortly afterwards the venue opened up and I made my way over the get my thrash on.

Opening the Origins of Hate Tour 2014 was the only South Aussie band on tonight's bill. The rest hailing from south of the border, better known as Melbourne. This honour was giving to the the mighty Headbore, playing in front of the other bands and a small handful of people that didn't deter Fish and the boys tearing the place apart. Giving 100% effort, Headbore debuted a new song in their set, heavy and crunchy in typical style of Headbore brutality. Blistering solos, rhythm guitar and bass were solid, and drums hammering… once again Headbore didn't disappoint but proving them to be a force to be reckoned with.

Up next is Trigger, a relatively new band to the Australian metal scene. But they'll be around for a long time if the night's performance was anything to go by Trigger have a more traditional metal sound with thrashy elements – a great sound, heavy riffs and hooks, with catchy solos. They played material from their debut EP Machina and captivated the room and in between songs having a "Trigger" chant coming from the back of the room. Looking around I could see members of Harlott and Mason leading the chorus. Trigger have a huge future and I was privileged to have witnessed them play.

First of the headlining bands from the night's show were Harlott. I had seen them play at New Dead only a few weeks ago and I was more than happy to see the 5 piece thrash band here once again. They opened up with Origin from their album with the same name. Harlott showed they don't need a massive crowd to have fun, not having a set list didn't detract either. They were playing what they felt like at the time but did command a mosh pit before commencing the final song. So with the dozen or so people in front, we did as requested and stomped around the room. Harlott once again showing how thrash metal is played… at breakneck speed with precision.

Closing out the show were Mason, another thrash band from Melbourne, but definitely not a band making up numbers. Mason are one of the front runners, playing faster and heavier than on their album "Warhead". There is a real party vibe to this set… well, the whole night but everyone has been waiting for Mason to take the stage. And when they finally do so, Jimmy and the boys prove why they are making a massive dent in the scene locally and internationally. They played tracks from their Warhead album and also requested a pit. But being someone who want to have fun at gigs and planning to stage dive off the massive one foot stage, I get a tap on the shoulder from Tom from Harlott and the boys from Trigger. I jump off the stage and am hoisted up in the air crowd surfing on the top of 3 blokes. Mason pummel through track after track finishing off in their own time but then going into a cover of Metallica's Whiplash just…well, cause they can.

I'm sure all of the bands would have liked a bigger crowd to perform for but you can't predict these things and there were a few other gigs on the same night. All I can say is that they missed out on one hell of a night with all the bands performing at the top of their game. The atmosphere was one of a simple gathering of old friends and new – coming together to enjoy some good cold beers and listen to live music, having a party…. cheers

Line-up: Mason, Harlott, Trigger, Headbore

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham