The Other Festival

13/02/2021 @The Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane)

The Other Festival – 13th February 2021 @ The Fortitude Music Hall

After 12 months of planning, COG & Nobody Presents “The Other Festival” – after a long hiatus I am back reviewing the amazing gigs that this River City has to offer and I am truly thankful.

To be honest I have been going to a whole throng of local metal gigs, but because I was so excited to see live music again I have been selfish, forgive me dear reader, but I just wanted to enjoy fully focused without having to store information to put into print later. But The Other Festival is the first festival that we have had in ages so here is my little tirade of gratitude.

15 bands, (supposed to be 16 but COVID 19 strikes again) two stages spread out over the new kid on the Valley block – The Fortitude Music Hall. I have seen Osaka Punch before on the Outpost stage but today we get the best of both worlds on the main hall – named “Roadsick Stage” & the Outpost stage named “Faction Stage”.

Kicking off the afternoon at Roadsick was the 4 piece The Atomic Beau Project an intriguing blend of electronic, progressive metal beats & solos with the powerful vocals of Beau. I was really looking forward to hearing them live & they didn’t disappoint. Check out their latest clip “Cellar Door”

Next up were Total Pace get some Grungy Punk into those eardrums. With members from Tape/Offs, Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays, Velociraptor & I Heart Hiroshima this is definitely an eclectic bunch thrown together in a writhing mess of bodies, reminding me of the old days thrashing around in a pit to the Hard Ons. After their first release in 2018 these fellas have been gigging around town & being the conglomeration of some of Brissies best I am sure there’ll be “Just One More”

A quick dash out the back to see one of my favourites on the Faction Stage RHINO. I had the pleasure of sharing a stage once with Simon who heads the RHINO gang & having them on the bill was another reason I was super pumped to get this gig. RHINO have a great hard rock aesthetic & dare I be so bold to say Brisbane’s own Clutch! So early in the afternoon but everyone was truly getting into it & rocking along. Finishing the set with Afterlife & Falcon (“Not a Ford Falcon mate!) was a blast! Also one of the hardest hitting drummers I have seen lately! WOW! I truly love the ending of their latest “White Witch” which I highly recommend you have a listen to if you haven’t caught the excellence that is RHINO (mixed by the drummer of COG Lucius Borich) YEAH!

Running shoes back on to head back to Roadsick to catch Jay Brown , once a member of Sunk Loto & Electric Horse, today he was showcasing his heartfelt solo act. After releasing his debut EP “Disappearing Act” in April last year, you’ll find it’s a different vein to the Sunk Loto tunes I used to watch on RAGE but Jay’s vocals are still on point & the production is schmick – singing about lifes evolution & change.

Quote of the day comes from seeing Minds?End the 4 piece hailing from the NSW Northern beaches. Nigel says “Hey look its Malcolm Young & Metal Jesus” Talk about laugh! Personal appearances aside they were certainly my fav for the day. WHAT A BLAST!! My beloved heavy tones influenced by Goijra & Meshuggah with the eclectic time signatures & lead vocalist Jen screaming his soulful & poignant lyrics. Super tight unit without using a click! They certainly did not disappoint & my neck now hurts & I am in trouble with my Osteo. ALL WORTH IT! Beginning in 2018 they released their debut From Ashes to Embers last year – Don’t miss these guys live they F!@$IN RIP!

Free the Genie were next on this plethora of sonic celebration & they are definitely a plethora of sounds. The electronic dynamic disco duo from the Gold Coast are an unique addition to this wonderful line up. Getting the crowd moving & dancing around the floor.

Smoking Martha. Do I need to say more? The Brisbane raw Rock n Roll 4 piece are a wonderful much-loved inclusion to the Other Festival. On the numerous occasions I have had the privilege to watch their performances, they never fail to entertain the huge crowd following they have, The Faction room was packed. Today was no different Tash’s stunning powerful vocals & stage presence being something to behold & she is such an inspiration as a vocalist. Finishing the set with “another love song” & “An oldie but a goodie” – Smoking HOT!

I’m getting fitter by the minute & as my Dear friend Bruno would say this is like an amusement park for music lovers, so off we trot to catch another personal favourite with the lads Hammers. I love these ratbags. The incredible harmonizing vocals, the rip snorting Rock n Roll, Prog metal masters with a dash of larikin fun always have me laughing & enjoying their sets each & every time. Don’t take life too seriously is the motto here & just have a bloody good time. Dad jokes a plenty – BOOM TISH!

The Goldy strikes again with some good ol all girl PUNK rock with Being Jane Lane. A bit of the old 1,2,3,4 & off we go! A bit of fun loving punk setting the scene for the rest of the evening. NEXT! BAM!

Osaka Punch. Our local heroes & nearly 10 years gracing our ears with their eclectic blend of groove, jazz heavy & anything that they can make an entertaining performance. Banding behind Jack Muzak on Vocals/Keys, new kid on the skins Blair (first ever show – what an intro!), Brenton on Bass & my favourite name ever Chrispy Town on Guitar – they blend humor with an intriguing blend of sonic vibrations. Check them any chance you can get.

These Four Walls another brilliant New Zealand band now residing on the Gold Coast, so we have the privilege to have their wonderful progressive hard rock tunes on today’s HUGE line up! With 3 albums under their belt Down Falls an Empire & Living to Write the End and last years This Is Not A Future – they have an impressive repertoire. I look forward to catching them with Devilskin when the touring borders are sorted. But till then today was a day! Finishing the set with the banger – Bravery-

Sadly RedHook were locked in Quarantine due to the Victorian lockdown laws beginning today so we were one band down – but please check them out when they return in April

A particular personal favourite was next – Patient Lounge. I first saw them in 2019 after supporting COG & Osaka Punch I was genuinely interested to see how they would grow & progress. And grow they have. With a new single at the end of last year Places & now the new single BEGDA released yesterday! Just in time for The Other Festival. They are such an interesting & refreshing band I feel in my waters they will have a lasting impact on the Brisbane Rock scene. They have a stadium sound & performance. Check them & follow along for the ride.

Wolf & Cub have been bashing around the traps since 2003 & here we are being psych rocked to the core by them again today. On the heels of last years release of single Blue State, from the album NIL, I have been looking forward to hearing them live. Appealing to the old school alternative in me, this album is a ripper.

From Crisis to Collapse headlines the Faction Stage in the wrap up of todays brilliant mini Festival & their QLD Invasion tour. From Crisis to Collapse are an amazing heavy Australian band that deserves the credit for all the hard work that they do. And what a resounding performance. Poignant & respectful, this isn’t just “heavy metal” these fellas have a message & in this position of influence that they have they are guiding their following in a constructive compassionate direction. My appreciation for them grew 10 fold today. Paying respect to the Traditional Owners of this land & basically saying we are all connected – there is no separation. Respect each other. End of story. One of the best double kick drummers I have heard in yonks. Hard as nails & heavy duty – what an amazing set!

And the GRAND FINALE! COG. The instigators of bringing this festival in such a climate & not for profit, but for the sake of their love for music, the scene & the people. That is what makes up the Australian Alternative heavy scene. It’s all of us – united. Supporting each other through thick & thin. Our Bondi/Byron Bay brothers have been rocking the Australian scene for many years, and not only blessing the live circuit, some members have been helping other bands produce awesome work. Their support of our scene is tangible & it makes my heart swell. THIS is what music is about my friends. Finding what connects us all. The title of their new single says it all.

Drawn Together Thank you to all that made today possible – it was a journey of sonic proportions & to be at an 9 hour festival again even with reduced numbers it felt DAMN GOOD! Support your tribe especially now when the music industry needs us the most. The music has always been there for us the supporters & contributors. The time has come for us to band together stronger than ever. Go to that gig, support that local band & together we can grow back from this time of plague. IN COG WE TRUST!

review by Tina Summers

photocredit: Just Ignore the Camera photography