The Rock n Roll BBQ @ Blutes Bar (Brisbane, QLD)

3 February 2019 at Blutes Bar

The Rock N Roll BBQ is a Brisbane institution now at its new venue in the heart of the Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley Mall – at the funky diner styled Blutes Bar. Plenty of seating indoor and outdoor, free entry, great local bands and food for all. Even the little tackers are welcome as long as they bring an adult slave with them. J

This Sunday’s line up began with The New Calm. The 3 piece guitar, bass and drums line up are now spreading their wings further to gigging more regularly around the Brisbane live venue scene. Founders are Gary Summers on lead vox/guitar and Anthony Hellwig on drums with their new French compatriot Guillaume Beague on bass guitar.  Gary and Hellwig have been entertaining the Brisbane troops for some years together in former bands Kham and Rook, now Guillaume has brought another creative inspiration to the trio. Starting off the RNR BBQ with their original heavy rock “groove grunge” inspired tunes, with unusual time signatures showcasing each member’s proficiency on their instruments whilst laughing and having fun which gives the audience a palpable enjoyable vibe. They were well received by punters and got a resounding applause to each of their tunes.  Also check out their Soundcloud; Basic one of my favourites is far from basic! Keep up the great work fellas – we love you!

Next up were Wivenhoe a 4 piece from BrisVegas who rocked out Blutes with their 2 Gibson guitar growl. (I have a penchant for Gibsons so I was super happy!) They were excellent and a great match to The New Calm and had everyone tapping their feet and enjoying the hard rock vibe of the afternoon. A very tight knit band with great song structure and no mucking around between songs – seamlessly rocking straight into the next after blasting crescendos into true rock n roll endings. My first time seeing Wivenhoe. Definitely not the last I will be keeping them on my radar to catch further gigs in the future. I encourage you all to check them out! Here’s a live clip from a gig at Tomcat last year.

Last but not least were Eat City full blast into some ear shredding punk rock! Screaming vocals and riffs really got the crowd up and dancing….possibly with the help of a few brewskies they had imbibed themselves with during the first two bands. I had to pull back as I had a mini human in the form of my niece with me and even with ear muffs they were too loud. That gives you the volume mass of Eat City. With band members with names like Sheep Dog on guitar, Ben-maggedon on Drums and Klintron on bass/vox you know you are in for a classic good old Brisbane punk show down. And they didn’t disappoint. Check out their Facebook for a taste of the action.

Rock N Roll BBQ is held every Sunday arvo in the heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, get out there and support your locals as one day you can reminisce that you saw these fellas at the Rock N Roll BBQ before they rocketed off into space!

Line-up: Eat City, Wivenhoe And The New Calm

Reviewer: Tina Summers