The Struts (Sydney, NSW)

24 August 2019 at The Factory Theatre

I had the pleasure of seeing The Struts when they supported Greta Van Fleet earlier this year, I was instantly a fan and not stopped listening to their albums since. You don’t hear of a band that can return to a country in the same year let alone that band sell out the Factory, but this is no ordinary band we are talking about.

The night began in an unexpected but fantastic way with J3 an acoustic one man cover band. Beginning with the massive sing along of Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive, he instantly had the crowd in the palm of his hand.  It was a fantastic way to warm up the crowd and their voices. He played his acoustic guitar so hard that during his fourth song he broke a string during his fourth song and managed to make it all the way through, even though I didn’t recognise the tune it was a really enjoyable set.

The Struts are simply one of the greatest acts that I have seen live in recent years. Front-man Luke Spiller oozes electricity and charisma, a true performer and a killer singer he led his band through massive stadium rock tracks that shook the walls. The audience never waivered in their dedication to making this night as good as it could be with high energy and everyone singing along to every song at the top of their lungs. When Luke called for the room to split for the tried and tested left versus right side of the room cheer-off the volume rose to truly deafening. With a set mostly consisting of tracks from their second album, The Struts lived up to all expectations, hits like Body Talks, In Love with a Camera, and Kiss This getting everyone in the room dancing. The setlist got only a tiny bit disappointing for me for the middle of the show, don’t get me wrong the songs were still great, and the performance spectacular, this was simply a situation of ‘I really wish they played that instead of this’ for me, but the cover of Dancing In The Street was great fun.

TheStruts’ set closers are in my opinion some of the greatest rock songs ever, Put Your Money On Me got an instant response with the crowd overpowering the PA during the ‘Oh Yeah’ in the chorus,Where Did She Go had everyone’s hands in the air, I am a sucker for a good key change so I love that song. The encore started with a piano led rendition of ballad Somebody New, as the crowd sung Luke got truly emotional from the reception of the Sydney crowd. Expressing heartfelt thanks and surprise at the growth of the band since they visited earlier this year, The Struts were all smiles as they tore into set closer the anthemic Could Have Been Me, a song that carries a message of not wasting your life and achieving your true potential which is something that The Struts are wining at. With those songs and their simply outstanding performance ability The Struts deserve to take over the world and I think they will, I cannot wait till they come back.


Line-up: The Struts, J3

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley