These Four Walls ‘Fire Away’ Release Party (Brisbane, QLD)

7 December 2019 at The Woolly Mammoth

Firstly I have to say that when I hear that I have a gig on at the Mammoth I rejoice, such a quality venue with exceptional staff. Ample seating and floor space for anyone to be able to find their best vantage spots for the upcoming frivolity. Never had a bad night there and I’m sure that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Two solid Brisbane bands in the line up makes me a happy man, I love nothing more than to see and support good Aussie talent and you cant go wrong when they are local Brissy boys.

GutterFire were an unknown quantity to me going into the nights entertainment and with only a couple of songs on spotty to do a pre gig warm up with I wasn’t really sure of who they were or what potential sounds were coming my way. From the moment these lads got out on stage you could just tell they had brought their game, the very first song Bonfire got my toes tapping and my head bobbing. A couple of songs in and I had identified my favourite song of the set straight up, This is Fine is and was so more than its title implied, it was epic! Heavy guitar riffs and solid drum and bass melodies, with a varied and interesting set list and a tight vocal performance these lads will be one I will keeping my ears out for in the future. The new song For Hela is just a great rock song in its own right and shows the potential for great music to come from these lads.

These Four Walls are a favourite of mine and one I have been following for quite a while, being privileged enough to be there to review their new single launch was a chance I didn’t want to miss. Hearing the new song Fire Away on Triple M was a treat and just whetted my appetite for the upcoming set. With a sneaky look at the list as the boys came out I was stoked to see all of my favourites there and was primed and prepped to rock out.

Bravery is one of those songs that you just cant help but get up and move to and a great way to set the night on the right course, chunky bass riffs and a powerful vocally diverse song is right up there for me and one I have in any playlist I make. Couple of songs later we got the treat we all came to hear, the new single Fire Away, catchy and infectious to say the least I for one am so keen to actually get my hands on a copy of the new album when its released. 

A very special treat on the night for me was the solo acoustic performance of another new song, Before I’m Gone which came out of left field and silenced the crowd and garnered the attention of every single person there. A song that conveys a lot of emotion sung is such a haunting tone, I was moved and also grateful for the respite after such a high intensity performance.

Finishing strong and hard with some serious energy all the way to the very end I have nothing but time to kill until I get my hands on the album and hopefully get to enjoy another intensely enjoyable performance. 


Line-up: These Four Walls, Gutterfire

Reviewer: Stephen Simpson
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera Photography