Thrash Blast and Grind Fest (Brisbane, QLD)

10 February 2017 at The Triffid

Amicable Treason kicked off the night in fantastic fashion. The five piece hailing from Brisbane tore through their set like a band possessed. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. Hopefully they will continue to play big stages as even playing to a smaller crowd at the beginning of the night they played like the room was full and set the mood for the whole night. Even with some microphone issues the set was flawless with the band being in perfect synch the entire set.

When Black Rheno from Sydney took to the stage I thought I may have been drunk because I couldn’t see a bass player. However when they started playing it became obvious that a bass player wasn’t needed. The bands mix of groove sludge and stoner metal was infectious and the crowd which had grown by this point were into it from beginning to end.

This was my first time getting to see Whoretopsy as the last chance I had to see them I was back home in the U.K. They were worth the wait. Fast brutal and ear shattering metal, after the set you can’t help but feel like you have just been in a fight with Muhammad Ali.

Revocation absolutely blew me away tonight. Their mix of technicality and brutality was truely amazing. The band only had one day to recover from their flights but you would never have known as they played their set with ferocity and energy. They were a joy to watch and I hope they come back soon.

Psycroptic are a band that just keep getting better. You won’t ever get sick of seeing them play live as every gig they play is tech-death perfection. Tonight was no different, Psycroptics set was tight and technical with none of the members missing a beat.

What do you expect from a King Parrot? Amazing fast paced music with that Aussie humour that King Parrot is known for. They took to the stage in front of a fully packed room and gave the crowd exactly that. There is a reason King Parrot are one of Australia’s biggest bands and this set shows why they deserve it. In the words of King Parrot “Geez I’ve had a good day”

Line-up: King Parrot, Psycroptic, Revocation, Whoretopsy , Black Rheno, Amicable Treason

Reviewer: Sam Gibson