Thrashmas in July (Sydney, NSW)

26 July 2013 at Valve Bar

Metal Thrashing Production's seventh concert (and first with five bands), Thrashmas in July, was drawing us once again to Tempe. With the Valve Bar moving into Agincourt Hotel and therefore a lot more central than remote Tempe, we are appreciating the 'traditional'location as long as we can. (Of course we are not unhappy that our Tempe trips are soon coming to an end and we can now just walk to Valve.)

Even without the other factors, I already liked the title 'Thrashmas in July'enough to make my way out to Tempe. The line-up was promising. I had already seen (and liked) Cerebral Contortion and Atomesquad but not the other bands. Metreya and Abacination are listed in the Metal-Roos Band list and there is a review of Metreya's album 'Machines of War'in the Review section. I was curious to see them live. Amora, the first band, were the only ones I had not heard of.

But Amora is a band which should be known. It was surprising that they were playing first even though the headliners 'Metreya'deserved there title as well. The guys from Amora surely thrashed up this Trashmas and I am looking forward to see them soon again on Metal Thrashing Production's next concert 'Bangers and Thrash'which Metal-Roos is officially supporting.

Central Coast's Abacination took the stage over from Amora. With them came the party monkey (have a look at the pictures in the slider above). Their mix of 80's thrash blended with death metal was followed by Cerebral Contortion raw and aggressive thrash. We had seen the guys from Newcastle a month ago in the Valve Bar already but they are worth to see again.

The same thing goes for Atomesquad which we had seen just a week ealier, headlining for Hillbilly's concert at the Valve Bar. I just love their metal and their guitar player is a genius. They are just putting on a great show.

This leads us to the headliners from Wollongong, Metreya . After getting our review about Machines of War , I did listen to them quite a bit and was curious what they are like live. Starting with thundering guitars, fog blowing over the stage and the singer appearing from somewhere, they kicked off their show impressively. All long haired old school looking metal heads, they knew what they were doing in playing great metal as well as an entertaining show.

Well done, Metal Thrashing Productions! We will be there for your next show in September!!!

Line-up: Metreya, Atomesquad, Cerebral Contortion, Abacination, Amora

Reviewer: Anja