Triple Bill Kill Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

26 April 2019 at Manning Bar

Off to a promise of a good night , I headed to  Manning bar to check out the best of what Swedish death metal had to offer.  The bill looked powerful, and I was very keen to be a part of it . Doors opened at 7:30, but when we got there they didn’t open until quite after 8 o’clock. We could hear Witchery sound check whilst in line which made the wait a bit more bearable and got us a bit excited to finally get in.

The set began with Lethal Vendetta a local Sydney band. I feel they were let down with a few technical issues-you could hardly hear the vocals and due to the fact the doors opened late, they were only able to play 4 songs. The singer Brent has a great rapport with the audience, his banter made him instantly likeable and his soaring falsettos, although you could hardly hear them due to the sound issues, were just good old thrash at its finest. Bit of a blow for the Aussie support, but a great chance to get exposure if you hadn’t heard of this crowd pleasing local band yet.

First on the Triple Bill Kill are Witchery. I first discovered them after Spotifying them seeing their name on the Triple Bill. I have to admit I was so excited to see this band play live. Blackened metal/thrash or whatever you want to call them , they strode on stage and the front of the mosh erupted in devil horns and screaming . Finally Angus Norder steps out, and True North starts and so does the mosh!

Playing favourites like Nosferatu, Lavey-athan and the Reaver, the striking front man and his spirit fingers definitely knew how to work his black magic and weave a spell on us all. Unfortunately, their set was cut short due to the doors opening late also. Definitely crushing hard, and hope to see them back soon as a headliner.

Next up were The Haunted. Now as soon as I walked into the venue, the majority of the crowd was wearing The Haunted shirts. The mosh got just that bit more crowded and out walked the vocalist Marco Aro. The crowd went off. Between Aro’s brutal vocal assault, to standing there like a kid in a candy store, tapping his heart and telling us how much he loved us, you could see just how happy and thrilled both he and the crowd were to be a part of this show . Unfortunately, technical issues still affected the vocals and it seemed his tone was just set on extra loud and brute force. Also due to family emergency, the bass player was not able to attend the tour and we had pre recorded tracks but also we got graced with Victor Brandt of Dimmu whose presence and playing was simply magnificent to watch. And also Martin Larrsson, who Aro gives a little cuddle to for being onstage which was heartwarming to see everyone step in to help. Aro stepping into the crowd and seeing everyone surge up to touch any part of him they could was a powerful moment.

Now it was time for the headliner, At The Gates. The legendary band got the circle pit happening, the venue was definitely packed by this time! So much hair and crazy fists flying-it was intense and a joy to behold. The singer and that mic stand did not sit still and he ran all over that small stage. The chemistry between Thomas Lindberg and the crowd was electric. The Swedes kept up their savage onslaught and put on such a killer set. I can see how this legendary band got where they are today. Everyone helping out between all the bands gave it a close knit metal family vibe, sticking together through thick and thin  and made that show a little bit more special. Ola Englund and Victor stepping in sent the fans wild when he returned on stage due to Jonas’ absence, and you could tell who the followers were here for every time they got in the spotlight.

Well worth more than what I paid for, all the bands tonight were such a special treat for us Australian fans. Definitely left with sweaty hair, a sore head and a taste for more despite the technical difficulties and not being able to hear the vocals for the first three bands properly it was a great night !

Line-up: At The Gates, Haunted, Witchery, Lethal Vendetta

Reviewer: Candy
Photocredits: Mira Live Photography