Týr – A Night at the Nordic House (Album Review)

Release Date: March 18th 2022 - Metal Blade Records

Tyr - A Night at the Nordic House

As a fan of Týr, I was intrigued as to how their music would translate to incorporate a full orchestra with their folk metal style.  I was not disappointed, it is already special that this live performance was recorded on their home soil, and the orchestra truly captures the beauty and character of their music.

“A Night at the Nordic House” was recorded at  Nordens Hu on the Faroe Islands.  If you have not heard of the Faroe Islands, you should immediately go and search for photos of the stunning scenery.  It is incredible!   This recording is a smorgasbord of Týr’s epic folk metal combined beautifully with The Symphony Orchestra of the Faroe Islands.  With an impressive 18 tracks, the band captures the essence of their homeland and their music and is an absolute must-listen for any fan of the band.

Often a band will combine with an orchestra with mixed results, where the orchestra can overpower the feel of the original music but not in this case.  The orchestra, choir, and band blend seamlessly, whilst still maintaining the intensity of Týr’s metal riffs and urgency.  The orchestra in “Hold the Heathen Hammer High” adds layers that complement the energy of the song so well.  The guitar work is immense, Heri Joensen and Hans Hammer playing in unison with mind-blowing leads.

“By the Sword in My Hand” has an intro that is truly worthy of a full orchestra.  You can really hear how much thought has gone into how the orchestra will combine with metal.  The chorus is triumphant, with horns, strings, and choir all lifting the music in the most moving way.  Again the guitars are stunning, this is my favorite track on this release, it is uplifting and glorious!

The intensity that Týr bring to their music is not lost amongst the orchestral arrangements, the band’s tempo and rhythms courtesy of Tadeusz Rieckmann on drums and Gunnar H. Thomsen on bass keep the momentum going throughout, it’s impressive to see an orchestra matching the vivacious spirit alongside the outstanding guitar solos.

Another standout is Grindavísan”.  From start to finish, it is masterfully arranged with moments that showcase each element of the orchestra, the horn section matching the driving riff, the string section unifying with the guitar solos, the choir harmonizing with the vocals – it is superb!

For the seasoned Týr fan, the songs will be familiar and would be enticing if recorded at a normal live show, but with the addition of the orchestra and choir, it provides an experience that transports you as if you were watching this in person. I cannot fault one part of this recording, it delivered everything I expected and more.

Týr combines folk metal and heavy metal in a way that breaks down the barriers between genres, they create an atmosphere with their music that makes you think of times past and those that walked our paths before us.

I definitely recommend this album for fans of folk metal and heavy metal in general, it is an impressive and moving performance.


  1. Hel’s Prelude 02:05
  2. Gates of Hel 06:54
  3. Grindavísan 04:19
  4. Sunset Shore 05:03
  5. Ragnars kvæði 04:11
  6. Gavotte from Suite in G minor 00:39
  7. Blood of Heroes 03:56
  8. Ramund hin unge 04:56
  9. Hold the Heathen Hammer High 05:10
  10. The Lay of Thrym 07:28
  11. Tróndur í gøtu 04:12
  12. Mare of My Night 04:13
  13. Turið Torkilsdóttir 04:28
  14. Fire and Flame 05:49
  15. Torkils Døtur 02:44
  16. Ormurin Langi 05:59
  17. By the Sword in My Hand 04:52
  18. Álvur Kongur 09:31

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Metal Blade Records
Category: Album
Country: Faroe Islands

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery