Undeath – It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave (Album Review)

Release Date: April 22nd 2022 - Prosthetic Records

Undeath - It's Time... To Rise From The Grave

Following Undeath’s early demo and EP in 2019, they released one of the most thrashing and brutal death metal records of the year in their debut 2020 album “Lesions of a Different Kind”. With a mainstay sound of classic death metal harkening back to that early 90’s sound many bands try and fail to replicate and improve. Will Undeath kill it again in their follow-up album “It’s Time…To Rise From The Grave”?

Well from the intro track “Fiend for Corpses” it’s clear more of the iconic death metal sound would be back with a seemingly increased tightness featured in the instrumentation. Without devolving into the self-congratulating complex riffage, instead of listening through the following tracks “Defiled Again” to “Necrobionics”, there is an insane focus on songwriting. With a focus heavily on brutal groove-based riffs, I don’t have the lyrics but it sounds like there are some hooks and rhymes, with an awesome feeling of progression throughout the tracks. One of my favorite examples of Undeath’s insane song structuring is “Enhancing The Dead”, initially sounding a little samey to prior tracts the transitional section kicking in at 1:12 is dizzying and innovative and elevates the song as it progresses. Following up with an insane groove headbanging section at 3:00 this song makes me want to mosh and is a personal highlight of the album. “Funeral Within” has some reprieve before it absolutely obliterates your eardrums with some chugging and progressive refrains, and “Head Splattered In Seven Ways” comes out with screeching riffage with some devastating vocal refrains. The later track even features a small but appreciated bass solo before hammer smashes facing you with a flurry of percussion and riffage. “Human Chandelier” almost exemplifies this focus on songwriting with each passage and transition feeling built on the core concept of the song, with the riffs usually having a classically discordant and muddy sound in their progression this track has a swinging movement to it. Obviously adding to the mounting image of people hanging from the ceiling and likely meeting their end in some grisly fate.

The second last track seems to really push the speed and aggression to a new level with some similar conventions as found prior but adds some awesome descending riffs. The intensity and flurry of overlayed riffs lost me at moments but overall “Bone Wrought” is an awesome track with deathgrind vibes. That’s honestly the only criticism I can levy at the record, at times the riffs can get overbearingly. The closing track “Trampled Headstones” delivers more of that classic Cannibal Corpse/Morbid Angel sound but absolutely showcases their strengths in the energy, with the technical and structuring being some of the best on the record; It’s filled with sonic references to a litany of 90’s death metal riffs and conventions.

One of my favorite parts of “It’s Time…To Rise From The Grave”, is the absolutely grotty return to death-related song concepts, can’t wait for the release so I can read along with the tracks. A lot of new death metal strays away from graphic depictions of violence, even Devourment used to reverence killing pregnant women has followed this shift to abstract horror in recent records. I heavily recommend this album. Undeath brings back the fun in death metal, the absolute irreverent themes with crushing groovy and punishing tracks. Really makes me want to cum blood.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Prosthetic Records
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Jhai Bartley