United World Rebellion Tour (Brisbane, QLD)

18 October 2018 at Eatons Hill

The night was a little slow getting off with bands double checking and triple checking their sound equipment. But with the show we were about to get we were all happy to wait. Supporting Skid Row was a collection of bands that set the night and got the audience warmed up for the main event.

Firstly, RedStarBorn were up – a band from the Gold Coast. They pumped out some classic alternative rock tunes with the singer Dan Newton displaying his vocal abilities belting out some heavy anthemic rock.

Up next was The Kids, a 5-member punk band from Sydney. These “kids” might be kids but boy did they step up and own it. With influences from the 80s and 90s punk rock scene these boys took all of today’s hate, anger and social issues and crammed it into a loud punk fuelled performance. Energetic and busy singer and drummer (Jagger Alexander) gave this band attitude and absolutely smashed out the crowd pleaser Rage Against the Machines Killing in the name of. Always great to see young Aussie talent getting the support from the bigger international bands. Will definitely see these guys again. 

Last band up before the big event was Bad Moon Born, another 5-member band from Sydney. These guys hit the stage with confidence and had great chemistry between the other band mates. Singer Frank with similar vocals to the late Chris Cornell – there is no doubt that this up and coming band are going to rock.  An enchanting sound that is self-described as “girth rock”. They are a new wave of hard rock, with influences from Guns ‘N’ Roses, Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold and Audioslave. The bands stage presence was cool calm and absolutely rocking. Another band on my watchlist to see again.

Now to the main event, iconic 80s glam band Skid Row were back in Brisbane performing their United World Rebellion tour. And boy did they put on a great show! The American hard rock band have come a long way since releasing their debut album back in January 1989.

After many years of touring and selling out venues and festivals including sell outs of over 500 000 in attendance, it was like nothing had changed. With their new front man ZP De Villiers Theart, formally of DragonForce, stepping into the role effortlessly, Rachel Bolan (bass), Dave Sabo (guitar), Scotti Hill (guitar) and Rob Hammersmith (drums). Skid Row took to the stage and owned it. Theart immediately took us back to the days of long hair, skinny leather pants and for some of us, pretending our hairbrush was a microphone singing in front of a mirror. With the many changes in the band over the years including losing original singer Sebastian Bach, this didn’t distract Skid Row from smashing out their first classic Slave and sending the crowd into a frenzy, the young and old were loving it. Parents, children and children’s children, 3 generations of fans all here for the same party. They went on to perform another timeless favourite of mine Sweet and kept the audience on their feet, fist pumping the air as they rocked on to other tunes like Chain, 18 and Life and Quicksand.

By the time they were midway through their set with walls vibrating, crowd going wild they pull off Monkey with a rocking duel between Hill and Sabo. An awesome display of both artists talent and had the audience captured throughout the battle. The connection Theart and the rest of the band have showed in their brilliant and timeless performance of I Remember You, with Theart treating it with the respect it deserves. Theart clearly enjoying every moment at the front of one of the best rock and roll bands of all time interacted with the audience and thanked the audience for sticking by them all these years and states he is looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

The night came to an end with the crowd joining in and singing along to their favourites We are the Damned and finished off with Youth Gone Wild and left the crowd screaming for more. A remarkable show put on by one of the most professional bands I’ve seen in a while. Being a huge childhood fan, this was an absolute honour to review this band. An amazing night had by all.

Line-up: Skid Row, Bad Moon Born, The Kids, Redstarborn

Reviewer: Cherie Smith
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera