Valve 8 August (Sydney, NSW)

8 August 2013 at Valve Bar

Heading out to Valve in Tempe for the few last times… On a Thursday everything was a bit quiet and we mostly made it to Tempe to see Chud – a band from ACT and like NT metal bands ACT bands are rare around us.

We missed most of the first band Miscreation who were from ACT as well. When we came, the cymbals were screaming to melodic guitar parts and bone breaking grunts. They ended their set with 'State of Decomposition'.

Claret Ash came on stage with a 4 piece band. The guys are from ACT… so much about ACT bands are rare… were really good. The scream singing was less dominant and more integrated into the music. They were playing long instrumental passages and a very decent guitar sound.

And then came Chud: The 3 guys all had black mask makeup and started with heavy guitars and grunting. But the singer started to go into other voices, getting a lot more to rock. It was a very distinct sound which I personally enjoyed very much.

Finally Kunvuk took the stage and finished the evening. Kunvuk are a 3 piece band from Sydney – standing the home grounds against the ACT invasion. They had no drummer and the singer was jumping around and going from crouching to stretching to walking through the audience. Kunvuk are making their set quite a show.

— On a cigarette with Chud's singer Whiskey Jones —

We hardly know ACT bands. How is the metal community in Canberra?

– Actually, we have quite a community. Today are playing three ACT bands – so we have a few good metal bands in Canberra.

You also play in another band, The Devilzwork?

– Yes, Chud's bassist and I are also in The Devilzwork. Chud has been around for some time – about 4 years. When last year some members left the band and I had to stop with Chud, I felt like I had to do something and not just sit around. The Devilzwork is a group project – a lot more artistic. We hardly play shows and mainly record. Chud, however, is a life band even though we also record.

Have you played in Sydney before?

– Once in the Townie and on the Samhain festival. Valve Bar today is a first.

You are industrial metal but I heard quite a lot of rock as well. And where are the keyboard and programming which usually come with industrial?

– Some even say we are Black Metal. But yes, we are industrial but try to keep it as real as possible on stage. I sneak in some rock to keep it varied and interesting.

Your album Ominous came out this year. It sounds quite professional. What's the secret?

– I have quite a lot of experience with production and also help other bands producing. Plus our bassist is a certified Audio Engineer.

Your album is out. What's next?

– We are already recording a new album. Should be out next year. We don't have song titles yet but the concept is that the titles are coded numbers.

We are also working on a DVD of 5 concerts, a video clip and studio footage. It's just a bit complicated because I have to film and play at the same time.

Chud is a band to look out for. Metal-Roos recommends listening to their album, go to their show and watch out for what comes next!

Line-up: Kunvuk, Chud, Claret Ash, Miscreation

Reviewer: Anja