Voyager Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

14 July 2019 at The Crowbar

If you don’t know Reliqa, you will soon. A fresh faced and exciting 4 piece from Sydney. The band looked naturally confident as well they should! With a recent support of Sevendust and an upcoming Bigsound performance headed their way there are massive things happening for Reliqa, and well they should. With the exceptionally talented Brandon Lloyd on lead guitar, the explosive Miles Knox on bass and Shannon Griesberg slammin’ home on the drums they had a vast swag of phenomenal songs. Lead by a dynamic Monique Pym even performing through the plague, she displayed vocal and piano prowess. Edge of Dividing gets a rise from their knowing fans in the front row, such a cracking track, with such a range of influence. Reliqa were truly surprising and the fact that they loved performing rubbed off on the audience and sent a great vibe coursing through the crowd. I’m sure their hopes of being Prog enough for the bill, but truly their song-writing chops more that satisfied the enthusiastic Crowbar crowd. Definitely one of the better local bands I have seen, Doomed once again received a cheer from those in the know, a kick ass tune ending their set on a high note, Reiqa are seriously a rocking good time.

With Du Hastvs Blackenedvs Play that Funky Music White Boy somehow working and echoing in our ears, Chaos Divine take the stage. One of the best Australian bands out there in my opinion. David Anderton is definitely one of the better vocalists out there even fighting through the man flu, he and Chaos Divine sounded amazing from the first song, just such an incredible band. With the great sound of the Crowbar and a promise of a new album they launch into recent single False Flags, an absolute screamer of a track. With joking comparisons to Burton C Bell while surviving bumping into the hanging speaker stack Anderton still sounded fantastic. Chaos Divine have as tight a stage sound as you could ask for with Ryan Felton and Simon Mitchell on guitar, Michael Kruit on Bass and Tim Stelter on Drums just slaying their instruments, these guys deserve more from their music. We were blessed with a brand-new track, which didn’t even a name and of course it sounded killer and raised my hype for the new album in spades. Soldierswould be a standout in any bands set, it’s just a great track, such a powerful statement and massive chorus. Ending with No Road Home (Solastalgia)which displayed an epic landscape of sound, it was a magnificent set by a magnificent band.

We’re lucky to have such talented bands like Voyager in Australia. There is a definitive excitement in the air as cheers rise from a crowded Crowbar and Voyager’s intro kicks in. The band launch into Hyperventilating the crowd sings along in full voice to the undeniable chorus. Voyager were Full of energy and non-stop on stage, making it feel more a Saturday night that Sunday. Bringing out a groovy jazz breakdown which sounded super cool. All the fan favourites were on display Stare Into The Night, sounded massive and the latest single Bright Star had the entire crowd clapping along. Voyager roved they can truly bring the heavy sounding imposing and intense. Wonderful Day again, was massive, with big riffs coming through, and a seriously heavy live sound. Voyager also graced us with a new song and the promise of a new video by the end of August. With the words of Australia being the hardest country to tour, which I truly believe, and they would know, Voyager thanked the audience for being there and looked truly grateful. There is something about a band that really love what they do, and Voyager are one of those bands, fooling around with each other while performing their songs and who doesn’t love it when Daniel Estrin brings out the keytar! Especially when we get a stirring rendition of Darude’s Sandstorm. With an entrancing LED lightshow backing them up Voyager turned the Crowbar into quite a spectacle, one hell of a headliner for one hell of a bill. Big thanks and big props to all the bands.

Line-up: Voyager, Chaos Divine, Reliqa

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley
Photocredits: JAB Photography