Wacken 2019 Day 3 (Wacken, Germany)

3 August 2019 at Wacken

The last day of the 30 year anniversary was filled with great bands. Of course. Three are displayed here:

Subway to Sally – the Germans played Wacken for the 13th time (!) . Their folk black metal with the distinctive voice of Eric Fish and the German lyrics are standouts of the German metal scene.

Battle Beast – Finnish Heavy Metal at its best with Valkyr Noora drawing all attention.

Uriah Heep – the Brits look back at 50 (!) years of band history. Their name is deeply connected to hard rock from the island.

Line-up: Subway To Sally, Battle Beast, Uriah Heep

Reviewer: Michael Lueders
Photocredits: Michael Lueders