Orpheus Omega – Wear Your Sins (Album Review)

I told myself that I should be as unbiased as a guy who has been following this band for a number of years can be when reviewing this album. But after listening to Orpheus Omega’s Wear Your Sins through again, it is so difficult dear reader, so very difficult to do. Not only does this album fit neatly into my idea of modern melodic death metal, but it has texture and variety and not a dull moment. If you are a fan of melodic death metal, but still enjoy a singalong, break out that Bluetooth speaker because things are about to get rowdy in your lounge room.

The Themelco brothers showcase such a progression in this album. I say that because Matt’s drumming is the best it’s ever been. Precise while still being song-serving (a term I’m coining which means that drum choices fit in the song nicely without being too under or overstated) – you can tell he sweated a little over this one. The same could be said for the progression of the tracks themselves. The melodies are very intricate with a nod to some of the more traditional elements of melo-death while keeping an interesting edge about them. If you think about it too much, it’s kind of like a Danish, with its many many layers of pastry. Tasty tasty pastry, with an amazingly fruity centre. But, food metaphors aside, the release is more than you could ever ask for in terms of complex melodic metal. I always find that any music that features additional elements (keys, layered guitars or vocals etc.) can be difficult for the listener to fully appreciate, without the many elements becoming lost or blurred in the mix. But it has to be said that is where this Wear Your Sins really shines. The production is fantastic, elaborate but still easy to listen to; which isn’t an easy balance to create, and I do doth my hat to these blokes. I loved hearing Insomnium’s Niilo lend his legendary voice to the track Lighthouse, and the hook from In Time is unforgettable. Insinerate is probably my favourite track at the moment, for its more sombre focus, but there is so much to choose from. The last and title track, Wear Your Sins is an epic way to end an album.

It is perhaps the softest and heaviest I have heard Orpheus Omega, but full disclosure; I prefer my metal a little heavier and more of the melancholic side, but the boys have created something special here; something that demands a little more attention than any previous effort. Suitable for those who love their French pasties as much as their metal.

Release Year: 2019
Label: EVP Records
Category: album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Liam Frost-Camilleri