Werewolves – From The Cave To The Grave (Album Review)

Release Date: June 24th 2022 - Prosthetic Records

Werewolves - From The Cave To The Grave

In many ways, the brutality of modern life has a tendency to be echoed in the Zeitgeist of modern music and often amped to levels of an almost unbearable nature.  This in itself has a sanguine beauty that if you look deep enough is of a poetic and intelligent nature. A fine line is drawn in the sand and quite often stepped over, from extremity with melody at its heart to extremity for extremity’s sake. Melbourne-based extreme metal act Werewolves dances on the right side of the line. They may let themselves take a good look at the other more commercial side of the sub-genre. But only for the purposes of infotainment, Many of Australia’s most brutal and confronting metal acts seem to originate from the cold and windswept plains of the Victorian tundra, or from a coffee shop somewhere on Swanston Street. Either way, the music that is produced by these guys and many of their kin can be summed up in a few words glorious and enthralling.

This kind of music with its in-your-face lyrical concepts, ferocious icy blast beats, and sonically rotund and bloated down-tuned chords. Is very unique to this part of the world. Sometimes I think it’s due to the isolation effect of living in a country so far removed from the usual touring duties of most bands that we here have to create our own homegrown style. And Werewolves are by far one of the leading proponents of the technical death metal movement here.

Still only three years into their journey this 3 piece has in this record produced something that comes across as if it was the outpouring of a much more mature and world-traveled band. Tracks like the opener Self help book burning and Oedipus Tyrannus to name but two will if you are not careful take your very musical soul and subjugate it to its very will. On Vocals and Bass is Sam Bean take note people this powerhouse frontman will be front and center in the new vanguard of extreme metal for years to come. Not for one moment in the entire length of this album did I think enough already, (I have been known to think this guys).  No on the contrary backed by Dave Haley on drums and Matt Wilcock on guitar, he imbues the pure energy and emotion that befits the big, big, big sound they produce.

So in summing up your honor I find the defendants guilty as charged on three counts of musical brilliance, one of reckless behavior in charge of my neck muscles, and one of producing the most criminally insane album of the last few years.

If you want to do yourself a big favor go find this record and take a listen you will find hidden in its Paper sleeve or its plastic case some of the finest this country has to offer.

Don’t just take my word for it what are you waiting for get it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Prosthetic Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Tony Evans