Wintersun (Sydney, NSW)

3 November 2017 at Max Watts

Hundreds of people flocked to the Sydney Max Watts House of Music on the cold, wet night of the third of November. From the moment the doors were opened, there were more people in the merch line than in the crowd, all waiting to purchase a memento from the special night that had awaited them.

When the members of Claim The Throne joined the stage, the room instantly cheered as they knew their night of great music was beginning. From the first song, hundreds of people were headbanging to one of the best folk metal bands in Australia. Once they finished, the crowd waiting in anticipation for the melodic death metal band, Orpheus Omega to hit the stage.

As soon as the music from Orpheus Omega started, a mosh pit began with the metalheads. From circle pits to walls of death, the crowd was moving around the room while one of the best bands from Melbourne smashed out a frenzy of death metal. The night kept getting better when the “keytarist” joined the crowd and the bassist started a circle pit while not missing a note on bass, getting the crowd moving and having fun.

The night was creeping up to 10:25pm and the audience was ready for the Finnish metal band to finally make their debut Sydney performance. The music started and the opening riffs of Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring) began. All members except Jari Mäenpää were on stage while the audience headbanged and cheered for the riffs and amazing music being played. Once Jari joined, the entire crowd cheered, smiled or stuck up the horns. The joy in the crowd and the mosh pit grew high when Jari asked “who wants to hear some old stuff?” and then yelled that Winter Madness was up next. The mosh pit became flustered with faces young and old and went on until Wintersun played their popular hit, Beyond The Dark Sun. The opening guitar work and drumming led to crowd into a frenzy excitement as they performed with precision. The band all went off the stage to change guitars, leading the crowd to cheer “Wintersun” over and over, louder than the speakers. Jari then asked the crowd how many more songs they wanted to hear, “one more? two more? maybe 10 more depending on how loud you are here in Sydney”. To all our disappointment, 10 more songs were not played but we still got to see the Helsinki band play a few more songs, including Loneliness, Starchild, Eternal Darkness and ending with Time. An excellent night of music and fun ended with the band asking the crowd if they could take a photo with the crowd. It was a night that fans of the heavy metal band will never forget.

Line-up: Wintersun, Orpheus Omega, Claim The Throne

Reviewer: Robbie Tannous
Photocredits: Michael Lueders