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Neckbreaker by Monster Coyote


Sludge/Metal band from the Brazilian desert and this is their second album.

  1. Rapture – Half a minute of sonic disturbance lead us in 

  2. Iddqd - The title is the doom cheat code that gives you godlike power. Apt enough, as the pounding sludge starts.  The vocals and guitar remind me of Roots era Sepultura with some Pantera for good measure.  They are two of my favourite bands ever so to pull a comparison like that off means I think highly of the work they are producing. The bass really fills out the chorus and these guys revel in those mid-tempo chugging riffs. 

  3. Hand of disaster- This is carving right from the get go with some great guitar sounds.

  4. The Worst Blind – This moves along just fine, but then the singer takes the pre-chorus somewhere different and unexpected which is very effective.  This ends with a super heavy riffing grind ala Pantera.  This has an endless listening quality to me, and basically it’s still on repeat as I’m doing the final review.  I hope Monster Coyote are including this in their live set.  Clearly my favourite track and it’s a monster.

  5. Capgras – A quieter intro and displaying more of a moody feel before the piece develops.  It’s unusual to find a band who can perform the crushing verse riffing these guys do before exploding into these huge choruses.  One of the longer tracks at over 6 minutes.

  6. Leap of Faith - A looser feel to this one but still plenty of angst and intensity.  Going by some of the very interesting changes, Monster Coyote still have plenty to say as they pass the halfway make of the album with ease, and I’m already planning what songs I want to listen to again when the first listen is complete.

  7. Spiritual Karma – A strong track with plenty of power behind it.

  8. I Fucked a Witch- Seven minutes of epic, sludgy doom begin with the singer yelling, well… “I fucked a Witch” of course.  This is a striking track.  The slow riffing with heavy tom work later develop into something Buzz Oven would have been proud to grind out.  This is probably one of the highest compliments I can give about a band that pioneered the genre.  They could have just stayed around this progression which would have been fine but Monster Coyote are not content with this, and develop to a Sabbath type breakdown. Can someone bring these guys to Australia, or Brisbane at least?  Finally they bring it back to the crushing doom of the intro to before collapsing in mountains of distortion. My second fave track 

  9. The Shepherd who saves the Wolf dooms his Sheep - Energetic drums open this tense piece and he really gets to stretch his legs in this one.  It’s hard to find something that’s not addictive listening on this track as they bring the final track home hard and fast. 

These guys are everything that a great underground band should be, and with the potential to be much, much more.


Reviewed by Matt Brown
Vocalist & bassist of the band The Burning Colours

Neckbreaker has been released in 2015. Monster Coyote are from Brazil.

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