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Starspawn by Blood Incantation


This is a proper Death Metal record. No prog douchecore nonsense, no incoherent technical masturbation for the sake of it, true lovers of Death Metal this is for you. That isn't to say in the slightest that it isn't technical, but it doesn't sacrifice groove for the sake of trying to show off, this album is pure morbid neck-snapping depravity. Fans of Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Timeghoul and the late 80s/early 90s Finland Death Metal scene (especially Demilich) will find this record attuned to their taste. The doom-laden destructive transcendence one can find in this type of death metal is however nothing new, and that is the only criticism of this album I can level, it isn't saying or doing anything much new stylistically. However if like me, you think Death Metal is the ultimate sonic expression of the things inside you which the language to express is elusive, maybe that doesn't bother you so much, I mean this is f*cking death metal, what the f*ck else new is there to fucking say in our culture as it continues its' downward spiral of decadence and absurdity?

This album is f*cking sick, if any part of that first paragraph interests you at all give this album a listen, if you aren't headbanging loving the shit out of it than I feel sorry for you, I really do. This is the best new Death Metal band I've heard in a long time. Whilst I have stated I don't find the record particularly original in it's style, I do find it honest, it is clear this band is influenced by some brilliant bands and they have created something that shows what they express is something resonant that this genre explores within those of us who love it. Blood Incantation have made an album that they want to listen to and they triumph, and to me that is what music is all about. I really like the production, it is professional without "over-producing", I imagine they sound exactly the same live. The guitar tones are perfect with a really tasteful and trippy use of effects in all the right ways, the riffs are tight, the drums are f*cking vicious (I'm a sucker for ballistc double kicks but the jazz influence shows this drummer is mutli-faced in skill enough to give the music what it needs beyond just speed) and the bass is prominent yet subtle enough to bring unity to the musical chaos. I love the solos, they are pure orgasmic shred, every part of every song feels so necessary. There is only 5 tracks all very generous in length, I can't pick a favourite, this is an album you want to listen start to finish.

The first three tracks really grab you and if I wasn't throwing myself around it feels as though they would. Transitions between each riff and musical idea flow masterfully. The fourth track is an ambient progressive percussionless interlude which takes you away from the aggression of the first three tracks to a place which in my mind is reserved for the likes of Iron Maiden and Burzum. It's a pleasant and surprising break which displays the compositional genius of this band. The final title track brings you back into the depraved groove and in comparison to the rest of the record it ends rather abruptly, I got lost in this album it felt like it ends all too suddenly.

I can't recommend this record enough, it's atmospheric funeral death genius.


Reviewed by Joel Davis
Headbang Enthusiast

Starspawn has been released by Dark Descent Records in 2016. Blood Incantation are from USA.

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