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The Grey by Headbore

The Grey

Album number two from the mighty Headbore... Sometimes the second album can throw up its own set of challenges. Will it be as good as the first release?

Let me tell you Headbore have extended themselves on all fronts with The Grey. Opening up with Pending Disaster - it starts with a soft clean guitar then drums and bass kick in. A few drum rolls into the main riff with a pounding double bass keeping them in check... then it picks up to double the tempo. The vocals are heaving and gravelly. The thing I have noticed with The Grey, there are a lot more time and tempo changes which is a cool feel and breaks up the speed. 3:30 into the first song it almost comes to a stop slowing right down ending that with a unreal bass doodle and harmonic bursts.

The songs are well written and recorded which you would come to expect, really catchy riff are being brought forth time and time again. The Headbore lads have definitely learnt new tricks in between albums.

Title track They Grey begins with a furious blast. Full on thrash beats and guitar work almost to the point of anger is being unleashed within the song.

The power and fury don't stop from song to song but does slow slightly for the intro into Ghosts, this has a really awesome half time drum beat then falls into a head snapping riff.

The thing that really gets me excited about The Grey is that it is so frenetic is places but then the tempo changes, the vocals aren't all the same growling death metal. Fish has style and substance to his vocal delivery and it stands out, everyone has grown musically and find themselves in a musically great place.

Headbore have really stamped themselves into a strong position. The Grey is a fantastic metal album jam packed with goodies for head bangers to feast upon. This is one of those special albums that need to listened to from start to finish. To finish off this review, when the band play live they sometimes begin with the phrase "We are Headbore is What We Are"

I'm a proud Headborinan, and head banging is what I do....\m/

The Grey

Reviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

The Grey has been released in 2016. Headbore are from Australia.

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