(0): Progressive Black Metal Enigma Releases New Single And Video “Skarntyder”

[Photo Credit: Gaia Micatovich Photography]

Danish progressive black metal enigma (0) has just released their newest single “Skarntyder”, fresh off their upcoming album, SkamHan, to be released on April 24 via Napalm Records. FJ’s dark growls paired with a mysterious and exhilarating atmosphere round off the song in perfect harmony and pull the listener even farther into the somber void.

With heavy riffs and ascending drums, followed by an unmistakably grim guitar solo, the song will have the listener on the edge of the boundaries of their imagination from the very first second. Watch the energetically bursting lyric video for “Skarntyder” below!

The band states:

The second single from SkamHan is track nr.3, “Skarntyder”. It’s about people who as children are branded as difficult and weak, and thus scorned by society. “Skarntyder” is a made up word, derived from the danish word Skarntyde which means hemlock. When suffixed with an ‘r’ it becomes a joined word consisting of ‘Skarn’ and ‘Tyder’. ‘Skarn’ translates to filth, which in Danish can be used about a person (child) who misbehaves. ‘Tyder’ is used about someone who interprets and reads into symbols and patterns.

So a ‘Skarntyder’ is someone who points out and brands a person that misbehaves or doesn’t fit in.

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