12GAUGE RAMPAGE – Unleash The Rage (Album Review)

12GAUGE RAMPAGE is a death grind metal band from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. I believe they formed in January 2020 and have since gathered quite a bit of attention. Their debut album titled Unleash The Rage was released today (August 5th) through Grindhead Records. The album consists of 11 savage tracks with a full run time of just 25 minutes.

The intro titled 12gauge Rampage is pretty self-explanatory. There’s some sort of murderous rampage going on with multiple gunshots and screaming victims throughout the 33-second track.
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That intro pretty much sums up the entire album. Savage brutality. From start to end you are met with an onslaught of savage riffs, relentless blistering percussion, and brutal guttural vocals. There is no break from the rampage of brutality and aural assault that you are hit with for the whole 25 minutes. Which is exactly what these guys were going for. I’m not sure who to compare or relate them with off the top of my head, other than maybe a more intense King Parrot type style? The production is good and to me can’t be faulted. I believe Matt Clarke from Sydney mixed and mastered this release and has done a fine job.

Anyone into death or grind metal or general savagery in their music should enjoy this release. The stand out track for me would have to be Body By The Billabong. That groovy interlude really tickled my tatas.
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A bit more variation for me personally would’ve been ideal though. I look forward to seeing what these guys do next!

1. 12gauge Rampage
2. Unleash The Rage
3. Dead In The Hot Tin Shed
4. #Killedmorecuntsthancovid
5. Longnecks And Dole Cheques
6. Your Fkn Mate
7. Breathe In Bleed Out
8. Wouldn’t Even Piss On Ya
9. Blowtorch Torture
10. Body By The Billabong
11. Mad Dog Morgan


Release Year: 2021
Label: Grindhead Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Long