Absolva – Fire In The Sky (Album Review)

Release Date: February 18th 2022 - Rocksector Records

ABSOLVA - Fire In The Sky

Absolva is a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2012, releasing six albums – ‘Flames Of Justice’ (2012), ‘Anthems To The Dead’ (2014), ‘Never A Good Day To Die’ (2015), ‘Defiance’ (2017), ‘Side By Side’ (2020), and 2022’s ‘Fire In The Sky’ – during their first decade of increasing dominance. Yes, dominance! For Absolva are at the forefront of a new breed of British bands, along with the likes of Hamerex, Eliminator, Kaine, Amulet, Toledo Steel, and Seven Sisters, that has risen to prominence over the last ten years, and are ready to take over as torchbearers of British heavy metal long after Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, and Black Sabbath have put down their instruments for the very last time.

Absolva‘s new album is brimming with hard-hitting, infectious heavy metal, to get really excited about! The songs on offer deal with varying themes, from drug and alcohol problems to the excitement of performing live on stage, and the recent global pandemic – which had a devastating effect on the music industry, in particular, performing live. Thankfully, the band rode the storm unscathed, and are now looking forward to 2022, and getting back out on the road. Festival appearances in the UK and Europe have already been booked, along with forty-plus club shows lined up for early summer – all under review with promoters and venues, depending on travel and health restrictions. Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan…

…’cause I tell ya – the new album is a fucking corker! And with the reputation Absolva has for their energetic and lively stage performances, you ain’t gonna want to miss them when they come to town. The new album offers ten songs across a forty-two minutes run time, exploding into life with the fast and furious ‘Demon Tormentor’. Quickly into its stride ‘Demon Tormentor’ is aggressive yet melodic, furious yet infectious, and may just catch you off guard. You better be warmed up and ready, ’cause right off the bat, you’ll be headbanging vigorously. What an absolute fucking belter to start with!

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Just how do you follow that…! With another belter, that’s how. The traditional heavy metal feel fills the air as ‘Burn Inside’ takes flight and gallops forth, planting both feet firmly on the monitor. God, I wish I had a monitor. I can’t play any instruments – I just want a monitor to put my feet on and headbang along to! The opening double salvo from these British legends in the making has been superb, instantly likable, and turning every head of every metalhead the world over. Absolva is back – did they really go away – and doing what they do better than most, delivering unabashed and pure heavy metal heaven.

Changing down a gear, Absolva hit the mid-tempo melodic motorway with ‘Addiction’ – a heavier feel descending on the album. The breathless pace of the opening double may have left a few fans gasping for air, so a breather to recover is just what the Doctor ordered…

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with the band fulfilling said order. Take all the breaths you can sports fans, for I have a feeling we’re in for many more bursts of electrifying pace and energy. But not just yet – the mid-tempo melodic foot stomp maintained by the more majestic ‘What Does God Know’. Standing tall and very, very proud, ‘What Does God Know’ exemplifies the term “melodic metal”. Is this the band’s best album to date?

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It’s sure looking like it could be – the band letting loose a wrecking ball and destroying buildings with the heaviest song heard so far, ‘Stand Your Ground’. The force emanating from ‘Stand Your Ground’ is immeasurable, fans of a weaker disposition racing for cover, with the die-hard metal heads standing their ground, fists punching the air, and screaming at the band “is that all you got”. And how do Absolva reply – by setting off fireworks and igniting a fucking big fire in the sky…

…as the title song ‘Fire In The Sky’ comes hurtling outta the speakers. The pace, the power, the electrifying energy, and the incredible melodious intent of ‘Fire In The Sky’ (the song) is phenomenally high, the band delivering a peach among peaches. And if you’re still in any doubt as to the ability of Absolva to take over from the giants of metal such as ‘Maiden and ‘Priest – surely all your doubts have been quashed by now! What more evidence do you guys need? Oh fuck off you c***s, you wouldn’t know great heavy metal even if a leather-clad metal God rode a Harley-Davidson all the way up to your arse and popped out your mouth screaming for vengeance! Get back to your job as a fucking price checker in Poundland! Heavy metal is here to stay, and with bands like Absolva it’s gonna be staying around for a fucking long time to come. Anyways, I apologize for digressing, but a wrong had to be made a right, and I think I made my point (the stupid little fuckers) so let’s carry on with what is surely turning out to be an early contender for Album Of The Year.

And if it’s not in the running by the end of the year, oh man will that be an injustice! Entering the realms of very heavy, heavy metal with an epic feeling, ‘Man For All Seasons’ is a menacing march of melodious mastery. The intensity and infectious levels the album began with haven’t let up for a second, with the headbang ability off the fucking charts. I really hope you all have strong neck muscles, for if you don’t, it may be a good idea to buy a neck brace and a crate of Deep Heat when you order the band’s new album. Ya know, just in case… ‘Galloglaigh’, and don’t worry, I had to look it up as well! Galloglaigh is Irish, means “foreign warriors” and was “a class of elite mercenary warriors who were principally members of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Ireland between the mid 13th century and late 16th century”. Amazing what you learn when listening to metal! ‘Galloglaigh’ is a galloping thunderstorm of uplifting rabble-rousing, a pulsating call to arms that every warrior will answer – with the line “we fight for our freedom, we fight for our right, fight for it every day” a mesmerizing piece of writing.

And as the final two songs approach, the album takes on a more serious reflection, ‘Historic Year’ dealing with the recent (and still current) implications of the global pandemic that began in late 2019. The band reflects on their experiences during a life-changing time that no one was prepared for. Musically, the song loses none of the intensity, energy, and melodious intent that has run through ‘Fire In The Sky’ (the album) since it began. Keep those heads banging guys and gals, this roller coaster ride of heavy metal ain’t over just yet! The final song ‘Refuse To Die’, is one of the most incredibly energetic, lively, frisky, and entertaining songs I have heard in a very long time. The sheer exuberance of ‘Refuse To Die’ is astounding. Dealing with what it feels like to gig and party, Absolva even mentions their hometown of Manchester, the band keeping their feet firmly on the ground, never forgetting their roots. ‘Refuse To Die’ is a feisty gallop of smile-inducing party metal, with heads, hands, and bodies nodding, clapping, and shaking to every beat of the song. What an absolutely stunning way to end an album – I just hope the band includes this one in their live set.

Overall, an incredibly enjoyable album of fantastic heavy metal from a band very much at the top of their game.


Demon Tormentor
Burn Inside
What Does God Know
Stand Your Ground
Fire In The Sky
Man For All Seasons
Historic Year
Refuse To Die

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Rocksector Records
Category: Album
Country: UK

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.