ABYSMAL DAWN: Release 3D lyric video for ‘Coerced Evolution’

Los Angeles’ death metal masters ABYSMAL DAWN are now releasing a brand new 3D lyric video for the track ‘Coerced Evolution’. The stomping death metal offering is taken from the band’s freshly released album, ‘Phylogenesis’. The video can be viewed here:

ABYSMAL DAWN comment on the video: “The basic idea behind the lyrics is that some time in the near future, human life on Earth will have become unsustainable. In turn, a certain portion of the population will forcibly have their consciousnesses uploaded to a grid in order to alleviate resources. The same corporations that would have destroyed the Earth, would run these grids and would continue to make a profit on what’s left of humanity in some fashion. The ruling class would continue to live in the real world and make the planet sustainable once again.