Hematic – Ace Of Cups (Album Review)

Hematic - Ace Of Cups

Hematic a five-piece band out of Sydney has recorded one of the best-sounding albums you will hear. Ace of Cups is the name of this masterpiece, which defies categorization. It is a mesmerizing blend of death metal, twisting and turning mind-shaping progressive metal, and fast ferocious thrash. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with there are major sections of acoustic guitar that are serene and beautiful.

The whole album blissfully starts off with an acoustic track, surprisingly called Intro, but it is a lot more than just that, a pretty song but with an underlying touch of sorrow it does take you away to another place and at times you forget you are listening to a heavy metal album. Apart from this track and the other acoustic track Darling, Dearest, Dead, no other song can really be categorized as you will hear everything this band has to offer sonically with passages of groovy riffs, long meandering progressive sections, intertwined with some truly magical guitar solos and interludes, with seemingly little care or worry for time constraints or formula. There are also many passages of pure old-fashioned boot in your eye death metal!!

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The vocals in their right place are deep guttural growls, a growl Chris Barnes would be happy with and at times to bring lightness and beauty and sorrow to a song the vocals are true and clear, a style and standard that Chris Martin would be happy with.

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Adam Slattery on vocals, with all this in mind is a very talented musician and is one of a select few that can successfully deliver both growls and clear vocals with such excellence. The musicianship by the rest of the band, Rob Galea on lead guitar, Jason Fallone on bass, Mark Burford on rhythm guitar, and Jay Cusack on drums is absolutely flawless, more like a band with 20 years of experience rather than a band releasing its debut.

The album Ace of Cups I don’t believe is a concept album, however, it is certainly been recorded with the intention if listening to it in its entirety as the tracks flow beautifully into one another and provide light and shade and beautiful mood swings within the music. It also means there are no fillers and certainly no chance of boredom.

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By fact also of the album listening better as a whole piece, it means there are no real standouts merely certain passages with a killer riff that stands out from the rest. The listener is dreaming to pay attention the entire time as any second could be the next great bit.

This really is an incredible album and I only have great things to say about it. This band Hematic if they continue with this level of music is going to be something else.

Ace of Cups is very highly recommended – Excellent!

Hematic: N/A

Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin