ACID FORCE – World Targets In Megadeaths (Album Review)

Release Date: November 03rd 2023 - Independent

ACID FORCE - World Targets In Megadeaths

Acid Force is a thrash metal band from Slovakia formed in 2014 releasing two albums to date – ‘Atrocity For The Lust’ (2017) and ‘World Targets In Megadeaths’ (2023).

Reappearing into the limelight after a couple of lean years, Acid Force boasts a new line-up and a sonic array more varied than ever before! The band bring together thrash and traditional heavy metal, serving it on a platter of speed – the new album ‘World Targets In Megadeaths’ roaring by in just thirty-six red hot minutes! Album opener ‘Out Of The Trench’ slow burns across the first fifty seconds, Acid Force furiously exploding into life, roaring forth at an extremely high velocity, devastating everyone and everything standing in their way. ‘Out Of The Trench’ is a fast-moving and fierce slab of all-out thrash, ‘World Targets In Megadeaths’ emphatically announcing its arrival – storming on with the blistering speedster ‘Preachers Of Mayhem’. A gruffer, rougher, and tougher sounding rampage than the opening salvo, ‘Preachers Of Mayhem’ is gonna set light to every single mosh pit in the world, the world’s headbangers vigorously rocking their heads back and forth.

And with the album now in full flight, the band plant one “foot on the monitor” to bring a more traditional metal feel to the fore, ‘Fast Friday’ a furious gallop of thrash come heavy metal that’s gonna appeal to fans of both genres – Acid Force broadening their horizons and widening their audience! A young band still making their way in the thrash metal scene, are delivering a hard-driving heavy-hitting tsunami of thrash, the album moving into foot-stomping territory with ‘Rebirth Of The Sun’ – for the first twenty seconds anyway! And then a menacing uplift sees, or rather hears, ‘Rebirth Of The Sun’ morph into a mid-tempo cacophony of crushing thrash! Yet tucked into every song heard so far, is a melodious streak just strong enough to prevent the album becoming a savage barrage of brutality. Do you know the kinda brutality I’m talking about, think Slayer and Kreator. At less than three minutes in length, ‘Praise The Atom’ is the shortest song on offer, yet also the fastest – Acid Force accelerating to top speed in a matter of seconds, roaring with a slight punk attitude and a shit tonne of headbang ability!

Bringing the melodic style of thrash to the fore, ‘Lightning Cops’ is a belter, the band standing tall on the bridge between thrash and heavy metal, the fans of both genres coming together to have a good fucking time! The pace of ‘Lightning Cops’ is electric, fizzing with high energy and an infectious level second to none. The intensity of the album since it began has been full on and in your face, the album takes a slight detour into mellowness for the intro to ‘Beyond The Concrete Fields’, building the tension and atmosphere to become an infectious mid-tempo instrumental – one of those instrumentals that swings this way and that, never losing the listeners attention for a single second! And bringing the album to a close is the albums title song ‘World Targets In Megadeaths’ – my auto-correct frustrating the fuck out of me as it keeps changing “Megadeaths” to “Megadeths” (insert unhappy emoji here). Anyway, putting my frustration to one side for a minute, ‘World Targets In Megadeaths’ (the song) is a fast and furious gallop of all-out thrash, banging heads harder than at any other point during the album. A simply blistering end to a very good album.

Overall, fast-paced thrash with touches of traditional heavy metal, Acid Force delivers a full-on and in-your-face album of head-bang ability.


Out of the Trench
Preachers of Mayhem
Fast Friday
Rebirth of the Sun
Praise the Atom
Lightning Cops
Beyond the Concrete Fields
World Targets in Megadeaths

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Release Year: 2023
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Slovakia

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.