Adventum Diaboli  –  Ο Λόγος Του Σκότους: Chapter I (Album Review)

Greece’s Adventum Diaboli continue their war on Christianity and the pursuit of Hellenic Paganism with Ο Λόγος Του Σκότους: Chapter I their sixth full-length album that sees the band progressing beyond their original black metal beginnings.

Adventum Diaboli translates into The Arrival of Satan and Ο Λόγος Του Σκότους: Chapter I marks a new beginning and intention in their ten-year career. Far more ominous it marks an atmospheric turn that only adds to the band’s musical intention, traces of melody along with some Gregorian chants and spoken words only add to the dimension’s the band is now pursuing.

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Mediterranean extreme black metal has a unique earthly, direct bleakness and Adventum Diaboli not only revels in this but has also added more textures to their assault, the melodic solos add depth to the insane vocal shrieks of Charon who conjures the torments and rituals with hellish intent.

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The Raw power is still there along with blast beats and crazed tremolo picking, but is more measured, honed as a weapon rather than wild flailing, the whispered vocals purposeful, deliberate.

“In The Pursuit of The Necromancer”, “Against His Light” and “Suffering From Gods Plagues” are highlights in the struggle for the recognition of paganism over the tyranny of Christian religion.

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Adventum Diaboli revels in delivering true Occult Black Metal that is heavy, measured, and powerful in its epic delivery.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Greece

Reviewed by Sparky