Aevum – Glitch (Album Review)

Release Date: April 15th 2022 - DarkTunesMusic Group

Aevum - Glitch

Glitch is the sixth release by Italy’s Aevum. It is a monster of fourteen tracks that traverse the entirety of the gothic rock/metal spectrum and that is not afraid to experiment by adding some touches of electronic cyber into their ethos.

Glitch is an album that relies on all the studio’s tricks and excellent musicianship to create musical soundscapes that encompass traditional gothic rock from Fields of the Nephilim through to the power of Lacuna coil and Majesty of Within Temptation to the kinetic energy of electronic dance. A musical release of opposites from the human to the divine, positive, and negative. The evolution is in the delivery, from the power and aggression that is “The Traitor’’ through to the energetic electronica that is ‘’Jump.” Lucille’s vocals are raspy, rich, and passionate. “Holy Alix” walks with multi-personality vocals lines and more of the upfront electronic combined with heavy double kicks. 07 7 is pure experimentation with floating riffs and discordant vocal lines, the guitar solo bouncing off the keyboards. La Signora dei Libri is the perfect counterpoint to the mayhem that is Lucretia.

Aevum takes dark music and through their talent creates an album that is strong musically with an excellent rhythm section and creates an experience that all fans of goth-related inspired music will enjoy, it teases, haunts, and rewards those who enter their realm.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: DarkTunesMusic Group
Category: Album
Country: Italy

Reviewed by Sparky