Alarum: Melbourne Fusion Metallers Release Video For Sphere Of Influence

Long-running Melbourne metallers, Alarum have released, the lyric video for Sphere Of Influence, the first single from their long-awaited new album due out mid-year on the Dinner For Wolves label. 

Watch it here:

Beginning with a blast of pure fury, Sphere Of Influence quickly dives into a jazz breakdown before swerving into a mid-paced metal chug and a solo that evokes some of Norway’s finest symphonic black metal. Sphere Of Influence is a musical cacophony of intricate proportions and coming in at under 3 minutes, will leave you wondering what the hell just happened!

“Sphere Of Influence is a great representation of the album; genre swapping, solos, clean bits, aggression and frenzy tied together by a unity in the music”- says Alarum vocalist Mark Palfreyman.

Of the songs, lyrical message Mark states:

We’re all on this sphere together, regardless of location, separation or unity…
Positive and negative experiences, how we react and learn from them is as much a part of who we are as is where we are…past, present and future. There’s division, greed, control and those who want it all and give nothing. There’s the countless selfless who do all they can to help others.
Be yourself, take responsibility for your actions and be your part of the influence that you want to give…or not.

Ultimately, it’s the choices we make that define who are and how other’s around are affected.