Alestorm Shares New Upcoming EP, ‘Voyage of the Dead Marauder’

Infamous metal pirates ALESTORM are set to return with another batch of mischief and will release their new EP, entitled Voyage of the Dead Marauder, out March 22, 2024 via Napalm Records!

The upcoming EP arrives as the successor to ALESTORM’s epic seventh studio album, Seventh Run of a Seventh Rum, which peaked at #7 on the German Album charts and #5 on both the US Current Hard Music and Top New Artist Albums charts. Once more, ALESTORM collaborated with producer Lasse Lammert (LSD-Studios), who produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the new EP and is known for his work with fellow genre greats Gloryhammer and Wind Rose.

Check out their upcoming tracklisting below:

Voyage of the Dead Marauder Tracklisting:

1. Voyage of the Dead Marauder
2. Uzbekistan
3. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate
4. Sea Shanty 2
5. Cock