American Standards reaffirm metalcore revival is alive and well with new song ‘The Tourist’

American Standards

Let’s face it. Music subgenres are constantly evolving and often nonsensical. What was called “hardcore” in the 90s slowly splintered off into metalcore, mathcore, chaotic hardcore, metallic hardcore… and the list goes on. One thing is certain though, this faster, harder, and more aggressive style of music is seeing a resurgence with bands such as Turnstile, Knocked Loose, Vein.FM, and Code Orange leading the pack.

Enter Phoenix, AZ band American Standards. Having released ‘The Dealer’ last month via Lambgoat, the 4-piece just premiered a gritty, bass driven follow up titled ‘The Tourist‘ on Decibel Magazine. The track’s lyrical content is as tragic as it is optimistic, touching on themes of consumerism and legacy. High energy and raw, the intensity is elevated with a genre bending guest feature from spoken word artist Cody Milford of The God Samaritan.

American Standards Singer Brandon Kellum said of the song: “Our society breeds a culture that convinces people they don’t have enough. We’ve been convinced to chase happiness in the form of material possessions, social status, and an unpromised future. You’re alive now. Savor it.”

The Tourist will appear on American Standards upcoming ep ‘DOPAMINE DEALER’ being released February 3rd 2023.


Listen to The Tourist here: