An Unction in Braille: Melodic Deathcore Band release EP The Wordless Whisper today

Western Massachusetts Melodic Deathcore Band, An Unction In Braille release their Debut EP, The Wordless Whisper today October 29, 2021.

Many years in the making, and then halted by a pandemic. An Unction In Braille’s debut EP, The Wordless Whisper, won’t fail to impress. “The EP is flooded with death, loss, and despair. Every one of us put our blood into writing this.”

From feelings of rage to feelings of hopelessness, this will keep your fists clenched until the end. Tucked away are fierce blast beats and impassioned fretwork that give way to explosive breakdowns. Songs that range from hardcore to death metal, with a touch of melodic euphony. Open yourself to a new style of Melodic Deathcore.. iN Braille.

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“…who says there are rules to music? An Unction in Braille throw any kind of genre traditions and ways of doing things out of the nearest open window from the very start of opening cut “Catharsis“, chopping up pieces of Death Metal, Deathcore, Grindcore and Melodic Death Metal and putting them back together to create the kind of hybrid beast that you might find in your worst nightmares.” Metal Noise

“In the near future, I am more than sure that they will become a reference in their style. Do not lose track of them.” Broken Tomb

Engineered by CW Recordings.
Drums engineered by Greg Thomas and Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios.

Tracklist – The Wordless Whisper EP:

01. Catharsis
02. Of The Dead
03. An Inch From Death
04. Sickening Sweet
05. Dark As Black

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