Ana – The Art Of Letting Go (EP Review)

Release Date: March 29th 2024 - Eclipse Records

Ana – The Art OF Letting Go

Formed in January 2023 in Melbourne, Australia, Ana is the collective of a group of impressively talented musicians that have already created a debut EP, The Art of Letting Go which is a journey of mystery and personal emotions created with vibrant symphonic metal.

From the opening of ‘’I’m Not the One’’ to the Vaudevillian-infused power of Ouroboros (and that Riff) matched by the symphonic majesty that is ‘’Scars’’.  Ana is blessed with the power and beauty that is the voice of Anna Khristenko that really shines. The energy and multifaceted emotive range of her voice is accompanied by a great guitar prowess and rousing keyboard melody.’’ Moth’ is the vocal highlight with its balladic beginnings merging into a classical-orientated piece of pure power metal, the keyboard energy memorable before it seamlessly merges back to the vocals for a touching coda. ‘’Sirens” also deserves mentioning as another piece of excellent symphonic metal with its instantly memorable refrain and visceral emotion.

The Art of Letting Go is an incredible debut, it is so cohesive and complete that it is a testimony to the talent and strength of the songs within that make it a standout. Ana is an act that deserves your immediate attention.

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Release Year: 2024
Label: Eclipse RecordsCategory: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky