Anarazel – Our Dark Lord & Saviour (Album Review)

Release Date: August 05th 2023 - Independent

Anarazel - Our Dark Lord & Saviour

Australia’s exponents of extreme music and salutations to darkness have been defiling the senses of the masses since 1996. the Melbourne outfit continues to mock organized religion with only their second full length in such a long history, the openly vitriolic ‘’Our Dark Lord & Saviour.’’

Following on from 2020’s’’ Iconoclastic Rebirth’ EP, Anarazel’s level of musicianship and intensity is taken to the next level. This is pure extreme black metal that is predatory, openly inflammatory, and completely merciless. From the opening onslaught that is “Heretic Priest’’ through to the title track, this is a steadfast album steeped in the traditions of black metal yet continues to take those ideologies and traditions to its zenith. “” Unclean Spirit “is a deeply unsettling piano-led spoken word tirade that leads into ‘’Anarazel’ the band’s defining moment, a Teutonic display of speed, dynamics and declaration of pure evil.

Openly blasphemous ‘’ Fuck Your God (Satan Is King)’’ and Apocalyptic ‘’ Death Always Wins’’ this is utter nihilism dripping in hellfire and brimstone. The album cover reflects the burning fire within, presented with utter conviction and clarity, the riffs are razor sharp and precise as always, and the percussion dynamic, the duo of Exhumer and Defiler, trade taunts, worship, incantations, and hostilities.

From the purity of ‘’Bloodwitch ‘’ and ‘’ Realm of the Crucifier’, ’Our Dark Lord & Saviour’ is one of the rare albums that delivers on its intentions and is brutally honest and open in its intent and hatred. Anarazel is not for the casual fan or those who dabble in black metal, it is malevolent, violent conveying the surging power of darkness that lies within.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: self-release
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky