Angelwings – Primordium (Album Review)


It is no surprise that this band began by doing Nightwish covers in 2013.  But that was not to be the only path for the band and they began to compose their own original material in 2014.  The music is very much in the vein of Nightwish including the operatic vocals and the dramatic musical composition.

Their latest offering “Primordium” is a concept album, the cover art is striking and beautiful.  The opening track “Genesis” begins with a wistful melodic intro with spoken word that sets the scene for the album’s story.  The music carries the listener to the beginning of the vocals, which are clean and operatic.  The first track is over 10 mins long and has some epic guitar work that dances beautifully with the vocals.  Snippets of spoken word throughout the track provide intermissions that draw you into the feeling that symphonic metal gives.

Because this is a concept album, I found that a lot of the tracks have the same ideas, which sometimes didn’t have the element of surprise that I was looking for.  But there is definitely no doubting the talent from the members of this band, the music is well-composed, the instruments all work in unison, and the vocals are soaring and are commanding enough to reach above the extravagant arrangements.

The overall album just reminded me of Nightwish a little too much and at times I was given to thinking that there was very little separating the two bands.  I was waiting for moments where Angelwings would stamp their mark on the music and show that they had something different to offer.

Overall a very well written and produced album, offering a range of slow melodic moments which soar into very operatic triumphant components.  The clean vocals are mixed with some more gravelling backing vocals to add some contrast in places.   My top pick from the tracks would have to be the 8th track on the album “Changes”.  I enjoyed the more aggressive style of the music, and also a bit more grit from vocalist Davinia Cano, this track had the energy I was waiting for.

Definitely would recommend this album for fans of Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation and other symphonic metal.

Primordium Track List

  • Genesis
  • Primordium
  • Nature’s Lullaby
  • Fallen Angel Song
  • Sail Away
  • Dehumanised
  • Trapped
  • Changes
  • Prayer
  • Lies & Secrets

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Pride & Joy Music
Category: Album
Country: Gibraltar

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery