Anorexia Isan: Releases single and music video of “Spread the Anger”

Venezuelan band Anorexia Isan has just released their first single and music video of the song “Spread The Anger”, the first one under the label Neptune Cross Publishing and from their upcoming album “Recybelia”.

About the video: “We see the government of God over the world is hidden” Francis Bacon, 1605.

“If you do a search on a database for the phrase, you’ll get lots of returns having to do with hypnosis, psychology, and spiritualism. This, in a way, is appropriate, since these activities have to do with the “obscure” interior life of individuals—that is, the opposite of collective categories such as the “public” and the “social,” realms that are presumed in modern democracies to be subject to procedural scrutiny and freedom of information. Is the media telling the truth? What do you think the pursuit of happiness means? Are you really thinking and reacting by yourself?.”

Concept and Editing by John Bustamante. (Instagram: @johnnyparrotjoe) Produced by John Bustamante and Marcial Robaina. Mixed and Mastered by John Bustamante at THE LAIR, Caracas, Venezuela. Neptune Cross Publishing (ASCAP).


John “Johnny Parrot Joe” Bustamante: Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards. Ricardo “Ricky” Aumaitre: Bass/Vocals.

Marcial “Marcy” Robaina: Drums/Vocals.

Jean Luis Rojas: Guitars/Vocals.

You can see the music video here:

Anorexian Isan: Facebook