Sudden State – Another Time, Another Place (EP Review)

Sudden State - Another Time, Another Place

Sudden State has released their first EP Another Time, Another Place and it is an absolute ripper. This four-piece heavy metal band from Melbourne has absolutely nailed this five-track EP from start to finish.

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Falling somewhere roughly in between heavy metal, thrash, and groove metal it is instantly enjoyable.

The production quality and overall sound and professionalism is first class and the disclaimer of debut is quickly made redundant with a sound more likened to a highly experienced metal act.

The true making of a good album is the ability to completely entertain the listener for its full duration and it certainly did that for me with no duds or weak tracks to be found anywhere.

The guitar and the riff are clearly the focal points and the star of this album with three guitars played with speed, grunt, groove, and precision, delivering some of the best headbanging riffs you will hear. Dylan Galley, Duane Newman, and Adam Patten handle those brilliantly with Patrick McGarrigle handling the drums. The clear thrash style vocals are performed excellently by Adam Patten and fit the music well, with plenty of backing vocals through the choruses.

There are no weak songs on Another Time Another Place but there are two absolute hits on here that give this album some real wings. Track 2 and track 3. Track 2 in particular has one of the best riffs you will hear in a long time and refuses to let the listener stay still. Whereas track 3 has a heavier hard edge to it providing the nod to their groove metal influences.

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There have been some very good albums released this year and as an EP this will be one of the best. Who knows how good it could have been as a full-length release. Left me wanting more!

I absolutely loved this EP, a must-have!!!

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Sudden State: Facebook

Release Year: 2011
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin