Anubis: Sound the ‘Sirens’ in new music video.

Following the release of their debut offering from their forthcoming album, Anubis are back with a music video for a brand new track, ‘Sirens’, that is a certified 80’s influenced rock tune featuring larger than life soundscapes, a powerful chorus and inspirational lyrics.

Dougie, Anubis’s guitarist says this about the trackHumongous toms, Crimson cascading guitars, a massive angry Robert Moulding chorus, and a chance to play around with some fusion-esque guitar solos. What is there not to love about this track? It definitely pumps me up to listen to and the chorus melody is one of the strongest on the record”

Whilst Robert, vocals, says this about the meaning behind the track
“It’s almost the rally cry, the shake up to fight against the overwhelming feelings that life presents us. With a collective change of mindset, it is not impossible for us to make positive changes to our lives. Or at least be on the right side of history if in the future it all goes wrong.”

Watch the music video for ‘Sirens’here: