Apophis – Echoes In Eternity (Album Review)

Apophis - Echoes In Eternity

Duck. Or duckness. What makes a duck a duck? It is the bill? The webbed feet? Their fondness for bread? I would argue that a duck is still a duck without these things. And in a similar way, I would argue that Apophis’ release Echoes in Eternity is just as aggressive and metal as any metal that sports a front person. Maybe even more metal. All this being said, I have ebbs and flow with this one. Apart of me really wants a sweaty big man (or women, it’s 2020, let’s not get too guy-orientated) screaming at the front of the project. But the other part of me says, stop being so ‘metal-normative’.

Does metal need a vocalist to be metal? I really don’t think so. The emotion still comes through. This whole release has a considered and epic feel to it. I love the softer sections that contrast against the aggressive blasting.

The production value is pretty good, but I do feel that the ‘wall of sound’ style, or what Devin Townsend created, would have suited them a little bit better.

They borrow from a number of different genres, but I do think the ‘power metal’ side, is a little out of place. I’d love to see them push the ‘post-metal’ envelope a little more. But this is far more of a personal preference than what they ought to be doing. A sustained and organised release. Suitable for those who could love a bill-less duck.

Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Liam Frost-Camilleri