Armoured Earth – Empire (EP Review)

Armoured Earth is a four-piece metal band from Melbourne with a good history of live gigs across the city in the pre-quarantine days.

Their new release Empire is a quick lesson on less is more. At under 25 minutes for 5 songs you can easily listen to this album cover to cover. It’s a fast & heavy album and a great testament to the Australian metal scene. Production quality is also right up there.

The album kicks off with Over The Edge, a little under 4 minutes with the toms getting a thorough workout, there’s great drum work across this entire album.

Like Soilworks 2010 album The Panic Broadcast there’s a good mix of clean/coarse vocals throughout the album. Tracks like Degradation to Vanity later these vocals flawlessly again highlighting quality production.

Empire wraps up with Fracture with some good prog elements to the intro & underlying riffs. It’s the album’s longest piece with a rolling solo in the back third of the song.

It’s a good day in underground Australian metal when bands Armoured Earth release albums like Empire!

Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Adam Poole